Cloudy Film on Granite Countertop? How to Restore Countertops to Bring Back Shine in The Lakes, NV

The durability that granite countertops offer is only one of the reasons it is one of the top choices in many homeowner’s kitchens. This natural stone is also beautiful and can be found in many different colors and patterns. Many people love the way that granite countertops look and feel in their kitchens. However, just…

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Manmade Tile & Natural Stone Myths in Spring Valley, NV; Do Tiles Need to Be Sealed, Porosity Scale & More

When it comes to having natural stones like marble or limestone in your home, there are many myths out there that may turn customers away from having it installed in their house. Most of these myths come from misinformation about caring for and maintaining your flooring. At Silver State Floor Restoration, we want to debunk…

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How to Clean & Rejuvenate Slate Floors in Silverado Ranch, NV; Cleaning Spalling, Sealing, Remove Scratches & More

Slate is a metamorphic that is tough, flaky and durable tile which is composed of compressed mud. Making it into a beautiful flooring material, the layer splits easily. Slate can be honed or polished as well as use the natural tile or cleft. Slate is frequently used more in mudrooms and bathrooms though very versatile.…

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