What Does Staining & Etching Look Like on Natural Stone in Anthem, NV? How Do You Remove Stain & Etch Marks?

Natural stone can make the interior look beautiful and elegant. But what happens when something gets on your natural stone that shouldn’t have been on it? Do you know the difference between straining and etching? Silver State Floor Restoration is here to help you understand the difference and how to help prevent them from happening.…

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How Do You Maintain Quartz Counters & Floors to Keep it Clean, Shiny & Looking New in Lone Mountain Village, NV

Used for construction purposes in considerable abundance around the world, Quartz is a crystalline mineral that is found in many varieties of stone. You can see some of its quartz content when the surface has faint yellow streaks in the marble or if its veins have some translucency. Quartz is often confused with quartzite, but…

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