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Home, Bathroom & Shower Tile & Grout Cleaning Tips to Increase your Home Value & Lengthen the Life of your Tile Flooring in Las Vegas NV

Keeping your grout and tile clean in your home not only makes your house look clean and beautiful, but it also lengthens the life of your tile and prevents the tile from becoming damaged. If dirt, dust, grime and other debris is allowed to sit on the surface of your tile for a long extended…

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Benefits of Stained, Polished & Sealed Concrete Cement Floors in Las Vegas NV

When thinking of concrete cement flooring, generally the idea of cold, sterile or industrial-like come to mind, or even drab and bland are more descriptive. But what if having a stained and polished concrete cement floor could actually be charming, elegant and easily maintained? Silver State Floor Restoration would like to convey a handful of…

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What Could be Ruining your Hardwood Floors? How to Keep Chairs, Furniture & Dog Nails from Scratching your Wood Flooring in Las Vegas NV

Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home but they are an investment that should be taken care of the best way possible. Hardwood floors are a part of living areas, hallways, kitchens and even bedrooms of many homes. There are many wood types and styles to choose from but what they all have…

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Cleaning & Care Tips to Know When Choosing Stone Surfaces for your Flooring, Countertops, Walls & Fireplace Surroundings in Summerlin Las Vegas NV

Stone surfaces add a beautiful charm to any building. Whether you are trying to build or renovate a new home or commercial space for your business, you want to pick that perfect finishing touch that brings elegance and longevity. Stone surfaces for floors, countertops and bathrooms need much consideration when choosing the right stone for…

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