Las Vegas Floor Restoration Clean, Polishes, Hones, Seals and Restores both Natural Stone and Man-Made Stone Floors, Walls, Tables and Countertops.

Greater Las Vegas, NV Natural Stone Cleaning, Polishing & Restoration

bbed86c7cd94955fedb63dddc4b06422Natural Stone products typically provide very beautiful and durable flooring, often associated with luxury lifestyles. In contrast to the uniformity of materials produced by machine or assembly line, stone’s naturally varied appearance has wonderful character. They are naturally rough and porous across their entire surface and are available with matte or polished surfaces. The cleaning requirements vary with their surface state and texture but sealed Natural Stone Floors and other products are much easier to clean that unsealed. Further, some natural stone colors and patterns show dirt and marks more easily than others. Some examples are Marble, Granite, Travertine, Flagstone, Limestone, Slate and Natural Stone Pavers.

Man Made Stone Cleaning, Polishing & Restoration in Las Vegas, NV & Surrounding Areas

3429b164f253d5e1599e873da84a393eMan-Made Stone products can also be very attractive and durable but give a more consistent look and are more resistant to stains. Man-made stone often has a glaze applied that seals its surface, making it very easy to maintain however they are often installed with grouted seams which are intrinsically porous and will need regular cleaning and possible even coloring (another service that we offer). Some man-made stone such as Mexican Pavers cannot be polished but they can be give a brighter, more polished look by using special sealers. Some examples are Ceramic Tile, Porcelain Tile, Saltillo Tile, Terrazzo and Mexican Pavers.

Grout Coloring, Sealing & Protection in Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, NV

IMG_0590In addition, Las Vegas Floor Restoration can protect your grout from getting dirty again by re-coloring it with any of the 100 colors that we have available to achieve whatever new or old look you desire. We then apply a high quality sealer to protect the grout from future dirt and stains.


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