Natural Stone Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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Natural Stone Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1) What is Natural Stone Tile?
Natural Stone tile refers to a number of products harvested from the earth. Examples include Travertine, Granite, Marble, Limestone, Slate, Onyx, Quartzite and Sandstone among others. Natural stone is hand selected from the best and is a reliable source of durability and beautiful surface materials.
2) Who utilizes natural stone?
Natural stone is used for a number of things, including residential construction a growing trend in recent years for both structural and decorative use. Commonly used for floors, entryways, fireplaces, bathrooms, showers, countertops, and many other surfaces.
3) Why is natural stone beneficial in my home?
Natural Stone products are proven to be more durable than other options and with proper maintenance have the potential to last for quite some time. They also have unique coloring that radiate individuality.
4) What is the difference between natural stone tiles and ceramic tiles?
The primary difference is that natural stone is a manufactured by nature, and ceramics are manufactured by man-made methods. Natural stone often needs only minimal restoration if stained or scratched, whereas ceramic tiles are easily damaged and need replacing.
5) Where is the most optimal place to use natural stone tile?
Natural stone can be used on nearly every interior and exterior surface of the home and is often used for floors, kitchen countertops, backsplashes, vanity tops, bathrooms, showers, fireplaces, facades, wall cladding, patios, walkways and various applications of landscaping.
6) Why is granite the preferred choice for kitchen and bar countertops?
Acidic substances such as lemon, vinegar, tomato sauce and alcohol are often prepared on kitchen and bar countertops. Knives, dishes, pots and pans, and other implements are placed and moved around or used on the surface, which can contribute to scratches. With granite being the hardest and densest of all natural stones it is resistant to acids and scratching. Additionally, granite is resistant to staining and has the ability to retain its fine luster and shine over longer periods of time compared to other surfaces.
7) Why are travertine and limestone ideal for family or living rooms?
The soft, muted tones and textures, travertine and limestone are optimal because the family or living room is where families look for peace and relaxation. Shades of beige, yellow, gold and tan are the common colors found. They are often processed with an antiqued or tumbled texture, which complements all types of furniture, upholstery, and area rugs.
8) Why is marble popular in bathrooms and fireplaces?
Bathrooms with bold colors and smooth, flowing patterns are in high demand among homeowners, and marble offers that. Additionally, well carved patterns and details that create both traditional and artistic designs are implemented with marble. Bathroom countertops are more likely to be exposed to alkaline products, which do not negatively impact marble. It is also easily maintained.
9) Why do I need to use natural stone care products?
Natural stone tiles are crafted with million years old stone. Different chemicals can deteriorate, scratch, or otherwise flaw the natural stone tiles. Using natural stone products is imperative for their condition and longevity.
10) Why do many natural stone tiles require sealants on grout and tile?
Without the appropriate sealants, many natural stone tiles and the grout can be susceptible to dirt and filth, as well as stains, elemental harm, and other such negative consequences.
11) How often do my natural stone tiles and grout require professional maintenance?
Typically, a deep cleaning and fresh sealant should occur annually. With proper care performed by the owner, sometimes you can extend the need, where neglected surfaces will require more professional assistance. If you notice the shine has dulled, or the grout is discolored, contact us for services.

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