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Las Vegas Floor Restoration has been Cleaning, Polishing, Honing, Sealing and Restoring both Natural Stone Floors and Man-Made Stone Floors in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas and Henderson since 2001. We use only the highest quality cleaners and sealers formulated specifically for your natural or man-made stone. It is our years of experience and our eye for detail that sets our exclusive service apart from the rest. We are licensed and insured and have certified technicians that protect your investment, whether it is your home or business, by using protective matts, taping rugs, covering your appliances and getting under your furniture. We have a commitment to remain on the cutting edge of stone restoration that includes being involved in advanced stone restoration training to stay up to date on the latest technology. The results of this continuous training and advanced skills are a highly efficient service with superior results. That is why our reputation has earned us thousands of referrals from residential customers, industry professionals and commercial businesses. We serve many communities all across the Las Vegas Valley and also have many renowned Casino Customers.

FAQ About Our Tile Cleaning, Polishing, Sealing & Other Services

Silver State Flooring Restoration is readily available to help commercial and residential customers of Las Vegas, Nevada restore their stone and manmade tile to their original glory. With frequently asked questions regarding what Silver State Flooring Restoration does, we have answered them to help you get a better understanding.

Question: How can the shine are restored on natural stone tile countertops that has lost its shine?
More often than not, when we assess the tile when customers are concerned about the lack of shine, it is often due to a residue of film covering the surface. It is the result of improper cleaners being used, often soapy water. Silver State Flooring Restoration can restore the shine and dissolve the residue.

Question: What can I do to restore the new-like shine back to my floor?
In the event the tile isn’t deeply scratched, Silver State Flooring Restoration can polish the tiles to their original shine. If the scratches are deep, the polishing will not conceal them, eventually, the tile will need a complete restoration service.

Question: Will area rugs cause any kind of damage to tile flooring?
Area rugs are actually encouraged to collect the dirt and grit that causes scuffs on the tile’s surface. However, it is best to avoid rugs that are designed with a rubber or latex backing.

Question: What can I do routinely daily or weekly for my own maintenance?
Use an untreated microfiber dust mop or vacuum on daily bases to remove the dirt and debris that can potentially harm your tile. Once a week, damp mop the floor and spot clean any spills immediately.

Different types of stones and manmade tile require specific needs, if you are uncertain about the cleaners and maintenance related to your tile, be sure to ask Silver State Flooring Restoration at your next professional cleaning, polishing, and/or sealing service.

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