Marble Cleaning & Sealing Services

Since 2001, Silver State Floor Restoration has been providing services to commercial businesses and residential homes in the Las Vegas valley. Our valued customers are always satisfied with our abilities, including some prestigious casino customers. Silver State Floor Restoration is licensed and insured with certified and talented professionals to perform our many services, including Marble Cleaning and Sealing.

Marble Tile Floors, Kitchen Countertops, Bathroom Vanities, Wall Tile & Column Cleaning & Sealing Services

Marble is a soft stone; it can quickly become dull and scratched, especially in high traffic areas. With the Las Vegas deserts being tracked in, it causes traction that can scuff up the marble, but thankfully, Silver State Floor Restoration has a Marble Cleaning and Sealing Service that can remove the filth and keep it better protected with our high grade sealers.

Marble Cleaning & Shining Services

Silver State Floor Restoration technicians are not only trained and certified to care for your marble, but with their skills and talents, combined with state of the art equipment and high quality detergent, your Marble Cleaning Service will be performed with precision and care. Often marble will lose its luster, and a cleaning isn’t enough to restore the shine. With our added marble shining your elegant marble floors will be shiny and stunning once again.

Marble Sealing Services

Marble Sealing Services are also available with Silver State Floor Restorations. Sealers are designed to preserve the life span of your marble floor. The gritty debris the Vegas deserts supply can easily end up on your marble floors; the sealers provide a barrier to protect the marble. After time however, sealers need reapplication for continued protection.

Marble Cleaning & Sealing Services in the Las Vegas Valley inc. Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Silver State Floor Restoration is a reputable company that provides services to our appreciated clientele. Whether you are a business owner, or a homeowner, Silver State Floor Restoration has you covered to protect your natural or manmade stone, including marble. Call us today to get started!

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