Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

Silver State Floor Restoration of Las Vegas, Nevada keeps the commercial businesses and residential homes well supplied in floor restoration services throughout the Las Vegas, Nevada Valley. We are completely licensed and insured to deliver professional quality workmanship. Silver State Floor Restoration technicians have advanced training, years of valuable experience, and exceptional skills that are enhanced with the use of top-graded products and equipment exclusively available to licensed professionals to deliver premium results. At Silver State Floor Restoration, we uphold high moral standards and work ethics, commit to friendly customer service, and always apply superior execution on all services we deliver.

How to Make Terrazzo

Terrazzo used in commercial and residential properties across Greater Las Vegas, Nevada area needs to be cleaned and sealed periodically. Terrazzo needs to be treated similar to marble, as it is comprised of marble, quartz, granite, glass, and other ingredients mixed with concrete. Terrazzo is cured, ground and polished to achieve a smooth surface, and because it is very soft and porous, it is important to maintain a good sealant, without it will stain very easily. The sealant allows you the time to tend to the spills before they become a problem.

Terrazzo Cleaning, Stain Removal & Application of Sealant

Annually, or more frequently if needed Silver State Floor Restoration will thoroughly clean your Terrazzo, removing the dust and debris, and extracting the stubborn stains. Following the meticulous and detailed cleaning treatment, our experts will apply an effective sealant to protect your Terrazzo from future staining and the potential harm acids can do to your floors.

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning & Sealing in the Las Vegas Valley NV, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

If your home or business in Las Vegas, Nevada and surrounding areas is in need of terrazzo cleaning and sealing, contact Silver State Floor Restoration today to get started!

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