Grout Services; Sealing, Re-Coloring & Re-Caulking

Silver State Floor Restoration supplies a wide range of services to the commercial businesses and residential homes of Greater Las Vegas, Nevada. Since 2001, we have been completely licensed and insured to guarantee authenticity in our fast, friendly and professional services. With our affordable prices and reputation of upholding high moral standards, family-friendly customer services, and extraordinary execution on all services rendered on consistent basis, it’s no wonder why so many renowned casino owners come to count on Silver State Floor Restoration for their hard floor cleaning and sealing needs. We utilize top-quality equipment and products offered exclusively to licensed professionals to compliment the skills and expertise of Silver State Floor Restoration technicians to deliver effective and maximum results.

Professional Grout Services

The grouting used in Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas in commercial buildings and residential homes needs maintenance, repair, and treatments as much as your natural stone and manmade stone tile does. Silver State Floor Restoration understands grout’s porous and sometimes delicate nature, that is why we offer specific grout services to our valued customers. Silver State Floor Restoration grout services include; re-grouting service, grout repair, grout sealing, grout re-coloring, and grout re-caulking services.
Grout Sealing Service is the cure for grout that absorbs liquid spills instead of repels them. Grout that is not properly sealed can quickly become discolored from dirt, acids, and grime building up within your grout. Sealers help resist damage and staining, though it cannot completely prevent it from happening. With regular care and maintenance, along with the appropriate sealer formulated for your grout, you can avoid a lot of stubborn stains. Generally, when your tile and grout was installed, it was also sealed. However, after time, and regular cleaning the sealer will dissolve and a new application is needed, typically following a professional tile and grout cleaning by Silver State Floor Restoration.
Grout Re-Coloring Service– We offer over 100 different colors to get the right color grout most optimal for your home or business. Whether you want to emphasize your tile and grout with bold and contrasting colors, or soften the look with a blend of similar colors, Silver State Floor Restoration has the color to re-color your existing grout. This service is also useful for grout that has aged and become stingy and stained with time. We simply add a grout pigment sealer to enhance the grout to make a noticeable and positive impact.
Re-caulking Service– This is often required when lack of maintenance, poor ventilation, improper product application, and neglected cleaning duties result in mold manifesting on the caulk, generally discovered in bathrooms and kitchens. Caulk is needed for a varied amount of ways, but if it should become infested with mold, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible, and is highly recommended that your caulk is replaced every 6-12 months depending on use.

Grout Services; Sealing, Re-Coloring, Re-Caulking in Las Vegas Valley NV, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Silver State Floor Restoration can provide one or multiple grout services to your home or business throughout the Las Vegas, Nevada Valley. If you are in need of trusted professionals to perform grout services, call Silver State Floor Restoration today to schedule your appointment!

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