How to Maintain & Refresh Travertine Tile in Las Vegas, NV; Cleaning, Sealing, Honing, Polishing & More

Travertine is a luxurious sedimentary stone that forms in hot springs and geysers, or limestone caves is composed mainly of calcium carbonates. It comes in a range of beautiful colors from neutrals like white, beige, and chestnut to shades of pink and red, the redder shades have a higher iron content. An excellent option for…

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How Do You Clean Tile Floors Without Streaks in Tuscany Village, NV? Right Cleaning Solution & More

Many homeowners want to make sure their homes are efficiently cleaned. When it comes tile and grout, mopping can leave it looking streaked and cloudy. The incorrect mopping technique and wrong cleaning solution can result in streaks on the surface even you clean tile floors regularly, can also leave the surface grimy and dirty. Tiles…

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