Why is Professional Cleaning of Tiles & Grout Lines Important in Sunrise Manor, NV? Industrial Grade Supplies & More

Routine maintenance and care typically include sweeping the surface debris off and mopping any sticky residues or spots. However, the tile and grout need more if you want it to shine. It is good idea to have the grout cleaned as well if you want to bring your dull tiles back to life, however. Between…

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How Often Should Tile & Grout Be Professionally Cleaned & How to Care for Tiled Surfaces After in Spring Valley, NV

Let’s be honest you can’t keep your floor completely clean between deep professional cleaning. So, what can you do to clean your floors in the meantime? Silver State Floor Restoration is here to give you a few ideas on how to keep your tile clean so your house keeps looking great between professional cleanings. Spot…

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How Do I Make My Commercial Tile Shine in Silverado Ranch, NV? Ensure Floors are Cleaned, Sealed & More

A durable, beautiful option for flooring in residential and commercial applications alike, is tile. Typically, it is easy to maintain, clean, and repair tile and grout. With the versatile options, it can fit in any décor. Keeping it looking amazing in commercial setting can be a challenge, the public’s foot traffic and spills all contributing…

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