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Will Vinegar Damage Natural Stone or Porcelain Tile in Henderson, NV? Reaction to Marble, Acidity & More

Because of their natural appeal, homemade cleaning solutions featuring vinegar have become very popular. It is safer to use as an effective household cleaner in the sense that it isn’t as harmful as other substances such as butoxyethanol even though a significant amount of the white vinegar found on supermarket shelves these days is synthetic,…

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How to Clean Granite Stone Countertops in Enterprise, NV; Professional Deep Cleaning Method, Sealing & More

Granite has a few weaknesses that can cause damage that many people don’t realize, particularly when they are just cleaning it, despite that it is fairly durable and to an extent, resilient. With a bit of care and proper maintenance, your granite tile will look amazing for years to come, however, using the wrong cleaners…

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