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Does Quartz Need to Be Sealed Professionally in Desert Shores, NV? Help Prevent Stains, Scratches & More

Quartz is a beautiful natural stone that is used in homes and businesses. You will most often see quartz used for countertops, but it is also used for flooring and siding or back splashes. Quartz is a low maintenance and fairly durable stone. However, even quartz will develop stains and will scratch easily if not…

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Is Tile & Grout Sealer Necessary or is Sealing Not Worth It in Anthem, NV? What Happens if You Don’t Seal Tiles?

Most homeowners do not realize that sealants are necessary for the overall care and longevity of their tile and most importantly, grout, and typically think of it as a luxury expense. Because of the durability it offers, many turn to tile and grout, however, it can be vulnerable if weakens with improper care. Soil, bacteria,…

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How Can I Make My Dull Granite Shine & What Should You Not Clean Stone Countertops with in Aliante, NV?

Many of us live in a contemporary home with beautiful granite countertops when we bought the home or upgraded to. They are a beautiful piece in the home but can be a nightmare to clean! Although the heat and scratch resistant are a sensitive material requires specific care. You cannot or should not use all-purpose…

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What is the Best Way to Clean Tile & Grout in Lone Mountain Village, NV to Remove Bacteria & Germs?

Tile and grout are common materials in homes and businesses alike. Professional cleaning is a must when it comes to tile and grout. Being both functional and beautiful, unique tile designs bring life to any room. The overall appearance of the home and business is compromised when the tile and grout can get dingy and…

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