Causes & Prevention of Mold in Tiled Shower & Bathrooms in Las Vegas NV; Professional Bathroom Tile & Grout Cleaning Removes Mold!

It is not an uncommon sight to see mold growing in bathrooms. It is often found in showers, bath tubs and bathroom floors. It is such a frequent event, that it almost seems to be commonplace. Bathrooms are some of the rooms in the home that can easily become moldy, and surprisingly one of the easiest places to clear out mold and prevent mold outbreaks. However, in some severe mold growth, a professional may be needed. Mold does not need much to occur; moisture, darkness and a food source. The bathtub or shower can be the optimal spot for mold to grow, and left unchecked to thrive.

Silver State Floor Restoration would like to discuss the mold that is often discovered in bathrooms as well as how to clean tile and grout to remove it.

Causes of Mold in Bathroom:
– Ventilation fans are not always used during or after showering or bathing. With the water lingering after use; it can begin the mold growth.
– Leaky toilets, faucets and pipes that go un-repaired can transform any bathroom into a mold outbreak.
– Cellulose materials, such as rugs, paper products, wood, wallpaper, grout, drywall, and fabric are extremely susceptible to mold when left damp.
When cleaning your bathroom, it’s always a good idea to ensure there isn’t any mold growing anywhere. Check under sinks, and products that might be occupying cabinet space, check around exhaust fans, and around bathtub and shower grout and fixtures.

Prevent Mold in Shower & Bathroom:
– Be sure to use your exhaust/ventilation fan during the course of your shower or bathing and leave it on for at least 30 minutes following your cleaning ritual.
– If you do not have a ventilation fan in your bathroom, get one installed.
– Use your air conditioner or dehumidifiers to control the humidity levels to under 50%.
– Implement a mildew resistant shower curtain, and either wash or replace them often.
– Avoid leaving bathroom paraphernalia in the shower wet such as; shampoo and conditioner bottles, body wash containers, bath toys, wash cloths or loofahs and shaving razors.
– Frequently wash bathroom rugs and nonslip shower mats.

Bathroom Mold Removal:
– If any caulking or sealant is inflicted with mold, strip it away and get it replaced.
– Responsibly clean your bathroom with mold cleaning products and be sure not to mix them!
– Open windows while cleaning to help reduce chemical odors and to help air out the bathroom to reduce mold occurrence in areas that might have been neglects.
Mold can grow quickly under favorable conditions. If left to fester, the mold can be costly to contain. Once mold takes hold, it often needs to be removed. Caulk, grout, drywall and other porous materials will often need to be cut out, removed and replaced. Once removed, the infected mold materials will need to be properly disposed of. Professional help is recommended.

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