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Natural Stone Polishing & Restoration in Las Vegas Nevada

Did you know that natural stone can be restored and polished to look as good as the day it was installed for a fraction of the cost of replacement? Many people think that if their natural stone looks old and damaged (dull, scratched or stained) that their only choices are to replace it or learn to live with it. However, fortunately when it comes to natural stone, nothing could be further from the truth! Las Vegas Floor Restoration can restore your Natural Stone surfaces to like new condition.

Las Vegas Natural & Man Made Stone Cleaning, Honing & Sealing

You don’t have to put up with stains and discolorations! Our cleaning process removes deep dirt and stains as it cleans and protects your natural stone surfaces! Dull and uneven finishes can be either polished or honed to a bright, uniform consistency. Our polishing process creates a brilliant shine and luster while our honing process leaves a flat appearance to your stone which has the advantage of showing less scratches and blemishes that may occur in the future. The stone’s finish itself can be changed back and forth from a high polished finish to a honed or antique finish to match your changing decor – or personality. Las Vegas Floor Restoration uses an odorless, safe for pets, water based sealer that penetrates and protects your stone as it seals it.

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Trusted Las Vegas Natural Stone Floor Cleaning

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or stay in your existing home or business, know that a well maintained natural or man-made stone floor will not only provide a healthy environment but will also generate a lasting value. It can easily raise your homes value or business revenue as it makes your office more attractive to visit and your home more appealing to own. Check out our Gallery page and see for yourself how Las Vegas Floor Restoration can bring out the natural shine of your stone floor by polishing it to a deep mirror like reflection. We can apply a variety of quality finishes to your Las Vegas travertine, marble or any other stone floors, walls, tables or counter tops.

Las Vegas NV Travertine, Slate & Marble Cleaning

When cared for properly, your marble floors can last over a lifetime! But over time, routine foot traffic, spills and the elements cause many marble surfaces to lose their shine and luster. Las Vegas Floor Restoration’s team are experts at restoring your natural marble stone to a like new appearance. We offer a comprehensive range of marble restoration services. And once we restore your marble surfaces, we’ll offer marble cleaning and maintenance services to keep it looking beautiful! We have vast knowledge of cleaning and sealants that will provide outstanding results every time we service your natural stone surfaces. Our certified service technicians are highly trained and have a lot of experience with every type of man-made and natural stone surfaces. No matter whether you have a marble or other stone floor, if it has lost its original beauty, it’s time to contact Las Vegas Floor Restoration!

Tile & Grout Cleaning, Sealing & Coloring Las Vegas NV

Our thorough tile cleaning removes any signs of neglect and old age. The grease and grime that so often accumulates in the porous grout lines will be gone, leaving a sparkling floor that looks like new. Did you realize that our tile and grout cleaning not only cleans deep inside of the tile and grout lines, but also kills most of all the germs? In addition to our quality tile cleaning service, we can protect your grout from getting dirty in the future by coloring it with any of the 100 colors that we offer. We can achieve whatever look you desire and then protect the grout from future dirt and stains by applying a high quality odorless sealer that is safe for people and pets.

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