Natural Stone Cleaning, Sealing & Polishing in Mountains Edge NV

For commercial and residential natural stone cleaning, sealing, and polishing services, the locals of Mountain’s Edge, Nevada can rely on the expertise of Silver State Floor Restoration. Our team of qualified experts can restore the beauty of the natural stone tile when its luster has vanished from everyday wear and tear. The natural stone tile in commercial and residential environments in the Mountain’s Edge, NV community faces damage from scratches, foot abrasions, moisture, stains, acid, improper maintenance procedures and alkaline substance contact. Proper care and maintenance are essential for the natural stone in your Mountain’s Edge home or business. Natural stone tile requires your daily efforts as well as the services from a professional at least once a year or more in order for the natural stone to last in good condition.

Natural Stone Care & Restoration Services

Natural Stone Deep Cleaning – A professional deep clean can remove that embedded filth below the surface that has accumulated over time.
Natural Stone Sealing – Both the natural stone and grout in your Mountain’s Edge home or business is protected can resist and repel water, oil and dirt from penetrating the surface simply by efficiently applying the protective seal.
Natural Stone Polishing – Silver State Floor Restoration technician’s use specially formulated polishing powders to restore the shine to your home or business’s natural stone tile in Mountain’s Edge, Nevada.

DIY VS Professional Natural Stone Care

Regarding DIY cleaning, it is unlikely for someone to have the necessary knowledge and skills to restore and preserve natural stone. Using incorrect cleaning methods or supplies can lead to degrading the surface. Because of this, a regular maintenance program is recommended. Our specialists at Silver State Floor Restoration have many years of training and experience. We know the exact right cleaning products, equipment, and cleaning method to use. As each type of natural stone is different, we can tailor a service to match your stone finish. It is even possible for us to restore stones which are heavily stained and have undergone years of abuse.

Natural Stone Cleaning, Sealing & Polishing in Mountains Edge NV & Greater Las Vegas Nevada

Call in the experts of Silver State Floor Restoration and let us do the rest when the natural stone tile, including Travertine, Marble, Granite, and Limestone, as well as the grout needs professional maintenance cleaning, sealing, and polishing services.

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