Natural Stone Polishing to Get Shine Back in Henderson, NV

Have your natural stone floors lost that high gloss shine you used to love? Unfortunately, this type of dulling of the stone is to be expected after prolonged use, especially in high traffic areas. The good news is, Silver State Floor Restoration can give your floors a like-new shine via our stone polishing services. While there are a number of natural stone polishing companies in Henderson, NV and throughout the Las Vegas Valley, no marble restoration company compares to the service and quality offered by us. Using the correct floor polishing materials and equipment is essential to giving your floor that shine you’re looking for. And we’ve been doing it since 2001!

How Do You Polish a Natural Stone Surface?

Powder Polishing – This form of polishing is a chemical method completed with the use of dry minerals and organic acids combined with water to achieve the desired degree of shine.
Diamond Polishing – This is a mechanical method of stone polishing. Silver State Floor Restoration utilizes diamond abrasive tools with our specialized machinery to create various amounts of friction to naturally produce the requested sheen.
Using state-of-the-art natural stone polishing equipment, our experienced technicians can bring the life back to your travertine, granite, marble, limestone, terrazzo or other stone floors, countertops and shower walls etc.

WARNING: You Should Never Wax a Stone Floor

Like a lot of things, there is a right way and a wrong way to polish stone floors. If you polish the wrong way, you may get a temporary shine but will likely experience many problems down the line. Some of our competitors utilize an inferior crystallization or “Wax” method due to its quick and cost-effective nature. It is NOT true “polishing”. This highly controversial process sprays a liquid (crystallizer) on the stone surface and is then buffed with a polishing pad and steel wool. The steel wool heats up the crystallizer to create a chemical reaction to produce a shine. Over time and with excessive use, crystallization will clog the natural stone’s pores, build up a wax-like finish, and can potentially lead to permanent problems such as spalling. Don’t allow your natural stone surfaces to be degraded in this way!

Floor Polishing, Honing & More in Henderson & Greater Las Vegas Nevada

Silver State Floor Restoration can safely and expertly clean, seal and polish your natural stone surfaces. When we polish a natural stone surface, we offer a long lasting shine that lets the natural beauty of your stone shine through. Call us to schedule a consultation today!

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