Natural Stone Polishing to Get Shine Back in Paradise NV

Silver State Floor Restoration experts are dependable natural stone and tile and grout experts that provide our expertise to local businesses and residential clients in Greater Paradise, NV. Polishing is commonly required among the important maintenance needs of your natural stone. To rejuvenates the shine and sparkle of your tile, polishing is delicate process better left to the trained professionals.

Purpose of Natural Stone Polishing

Being a critical step for filling in any microscopic scratches, a floor’s or countertop’s protective finish can be restored with polishing services. Polishing adds a brilliant shine to granite, marble and other types of natural stone. Polishing even prevents water spots, soap scum and fingerprints. As a necessary part of your long-term maintenance, polishing is a major role that should be added in order to maintain beautiful tile floors. Your tiles should be polished every 2-12 months, which is dictated by the foot traffic and type of tile. Both being effective, two methods of polishing are used by Silver State Floor Restoration’s formally trained, experienced, and skilled technicians. Powder Polishing and Diamond Polishing are the methods we opt to use.

How to Polish Natural Stone Surfaces

Powder Polishing. Powder polishing involves chemical means to create varying degrees of shine. With use of dry minerals and organic acids combined with water, the technique reveals a perfect polish.
Diamond Polishing. Occasionally referenced as diamond honing, diamond polishing uses more of a mechanical method. Diamond abrasive tools, along with our machinery works naturally to produce a sheen as various amounts of friction are created by Silver State Floor Restoration technicians.

Floor Polishing, Honing & More in Paradise & Greater Las Vegas Nevada

When your Greater Paradise, NV home or business’s tile requires polishing services, call in the professionals of Silver State Floor Restoration. We can ensure quality results according to the individual circumstances as we cater to homes and business in the Paradise area. Along with quality polishing services, Silver State Floor Restoration is your tile and grout cleaning and sealing expert.

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