Benefits of Sealing Concrete in Summerlin, Las Vegas NV; Penetrating Sealer Protects Against Wear, Helps Prevent Stains & More!

There are many different looks that can be achieved with concrete. With the use of stamps and stains, you can have what would be normal concrete, look pretty amazing. Even if you don’t have any staining or stamping done on your concrete, three are so many benefits that come from having your concrete sealed. Silver State Floor Restoration lists several reasons you should consider having your concrete sealed!

Sealing Concrete Helps Prevent Stains

There are many elements that can cause staining to your concrete. Whether you are considering interior or exterior flooring including a patio, driveway, or even walkways, sealing these surfaces can help avoid staining. If you are considering sealing a driveway, you can avoid any staining that can happen from vehicles leaking fluids or leaving tire tracks. On patios and walkways, leaves, dirt, and pet urine are just a few causes of staining. On interior floors there is often heavy foot traffic.

Concrete Freeze Thaw Damage Cycles

While it only snows in Las Vegas once every ten years or so. The effects of winter can take a toll on your concrete. As water absorbs into your concrete and then expands when it freezes, it can cause your concrete to crack and start flaking on the surface. By sealing your concrete, you are ensuring water doesn’t absorb into the concrete. You will notice the water sitting on top of the concrete rather than sinking in. If you can’t see the beads of water when your concrete gets wet, you know it is time to reseal the concrete.

Curb Appeal & Aesthetics

If you have any stamping or staining done on your concrete, sealing it will help those colors and designs stay as vibrant and beautiful as the day they were done. It keeps them protected from the sun which can fade the colors you use to stain it and from heavy foot traffic indoors. When you are dealing with colored exterior concrete, it can often get a white powdery substance called efflorescence formed on its surface. When you seal the concrete it will prevent this from happening. Sealers come in many different varieties. They can range from satin finish to high gloss. They can even come tinted to enhance the look of your concrete. Sealing your concrete gives your concrete a finished beautiful look.

Penetrating Concrete Sealer Protects Against Wear

In places that see a high amount of traffic, using a sealer will extend the life of your concrete. It will help protect against abrasion and wear. By using a sealer to protect against high traffic, you will be avoiding unnecessary damage to your concrete.

Professional Concrete Cleaning & Sealing Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

Just as you would never go spend a day in the sun without applying sunscreen to protect your skin, you shouldn’t leave your concrete unprotected against the elements. Applying the right sealer to your concrete will protect your investment and you will get the most out of your concrete. Experts recommend using a penetrating sealer to give your concrete the most protection possible. To ensure the job is done right, call Silver State Floor Restoration for all your concrete cleaning and sealing needs. With trained technicians and the proper tools, we will help greatly extend the life of your concrete.

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