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When it comes to upgrading the floors in your home, many people are starting to move towards natural stone tile flooring options. This is a great option and can be very luxurious and a great way to add some style to your home. Natural stone tiles are beautiful but you want to make sure you choose the best style for you and your lifestyle. They each have their benefits and best ways to keep them clean and looking good.

Las Vegas Floor Restoration lists some types of natural stone tile floors and the best ways to keep them clean.

How to Clean Natural Marble Tile Floors

Marble actually starts out as limestone and crystallizes. When under the heat and pressure of the earth it changes into marble. This is not a soft tile like other natural stones. The main problem with all natural stone tiles is that they can take on stains and spills easier than a man-made tile. That is because the surface of the natural stone is more porous so it is more susceptible to spills. The best way to keep your marble stone floor tiles clean and looking good is to have your marble tile floors cleaned on a regular basis and having a sealant applied to them as well. The sealant will help to keep the stains from sticking and protect the stone itself.

Natural Granite Tile Flooring; Pros & Cons

Granite is the hardest of the natural stone floors and that is great for people that are prone to dropping things. If you have a softer stone and you drop a heavy object you can dent or even crack the stone. The process for granite to form is quite a long time so that makes it harder as it forms. The biggest trouble about this type of flooring is the installation process. You have to take great care when doing it since the subfloor has to be completely level. Granite needs to be cleaned and polished regularly to ensure that it stays clean and shiny.

Cleaning & Sealing Natural Travertine Tile Floors

If you want to see a structure of something that has used mainly travertine stone you can look at the colosseum in Rome. Travertine is a great tile to use and is a strong and sturdy option. Although it is quite strong it is more porous than the other options and will stain much easier. Be sure to have travertine tile floors cleaned, polished and sealed on a regular basis to ensure they last and look great.

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