Busting Hard Floor Cleaning Myths in Inspirada, NV; Wire Grout Brush Will Scratch Tile & More

Grout and tiling can be a challenge to clean. Where we are fairly diligent about cleaning the tile and grout on a routine basis, over time the grout and tile can start to look dingy, dull and stained. With professional deep cleaning every 6-12 months, you can keep the tile and grout looking amazing a lot longer. When it comes to the overall care and maintenance, there are many myths people apply to their routines. In an effort to help you preserve the condition, look, and longevity of your tile and grout, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to take an opportunity to dispel the most common myths.

Common Tile & Grout Cleaning Myths

Myth: For deep, stubborn dirt on tile and grout, bleach is the only solution?
Fact: Though bleach is a good tool for whitening and cleaning general surface cleaning, it is not great for routine tile and grout cleaning. Bleach can expedite the decay of grout when used frequently, causing it to become brittle and susceptible to damage. Additionally, the shine will dissipate far quicker.
Myth: Acidic based cleansers are safe on tile and grout?
Fact: A very false presumption is assuming that cleaning tile and grout to remove stubborn dirt and mildew with acid-based cleaners is safe. The acidic nature is far to harsh for tile and grout. The grout will wear down, the color will change, and eventually erosion will set in. Additionally, the acid-based solutions will wear the sealants faster, leaving the grout and tile susceptible to staining.
Myth: Maintenance is not involved in tile and grout care?
Fact: When compared to other floor surfaces, tile and grout has minimal maintenance, but it does require routine sweeping and mopping as well as professional treatments.
Myth: Tile doesn’t retain contaminants?
Fact: Any surface can collect contaminants and allergens and tile and grout is no exception. Grout and tile are especially porous and is susceptible without proper sealing. Keep in mind sealants wear over time and the tile and grout should be resealed every so often.
Myth: For scrubbing the grout joints, wire brushes are best used?
Fact: Though using a wire brush seems logical for the tough spots, the wire brush does worse than good. A dissolving grout cleaner and a firm soft-bristled brush can be just as effective without causing any potential damage.
Myth: Routine mopping is enough to keep the tile and grout clean?
Fact: Regular mopping maintains the cleanliness of the surface, but it is not enough to avoid the buildup that penetrates below the surface and over time, the grit and grim impact the tile and grout. Professional deep cleaning should be incorporating into maintenance for aesthetics, longevity, and condition.
Myth: A better alternative to specifically made tile cleaner include dishwashing soap and other common household cleaners?
Fact: One of the hardest chemicals to rinse completely is dishwashing soap. The buildup continues to layer, and dirt is attracted to the residue, causing layers of filth. The common household cleaners are designed to efficiently clean the tile and grout and can be potentially abrasive and wear the sealant. For maximum results, invest in a cleaner that is specifically designed for type of tile.

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