Ceramic & Porcelain Tile Problems in MacDonald Ranch, NV; Dirty Grout, Discolored Tiles, Dull Appearance & More

Whether you own a business or have it in your home, ceramic and porcelain tile can get dirty. You may be trying to clean it yourself and feel like nothing is working. What do you do to get it clean and make it look like it did when it was first put in? Silver State Floor Restoration is here to help you learn why your ceramic and porcelain tile looks the way it does.

Black Dirt & Mold in Grout

If you have ceramic or porcelain tile in your house it is probably in your kitchen or bathroom. Let’s be honest, spills can happen in both places. Not only spills but if you are cooking in the kitchen, grease and oil can get on the floor without you even noticing. Grout is porous which means there are little holes in it and when you spill, grease splatters, or dirt gets on your floor, it can get down into those little holes. Over time the grout will start to discolor and can even get mold inside.

Discolored, Dirty or Stained Tile

Over time your tile can become dirty and start to look a different color than when it started. Yes, there are cleaning products out there that can help with cleaning the tile, but if you are not using the right cleaning product it can still not completely clean your tile. It may even make it have a whiter, cloudier look to your tile. You will want to make sure you have a good sealer on your tile. This will help with tile stains. If your sealer is not on properly then the spills can still stain your tile and the cleaner can make more of a problem for your ceramic and porcelain tile.

Dull Appearance / Hard to Clean Tile

As much as you may be trying to clean your tile. Do you feel like it is just very difficult to do or that the tile just seems to keep looking dull? As crazy as it sounds it could be your cleaning product. Often the wrong cleaning product cannot get all the dirt you are trying to get off your floor. Even worse it could even be damaging the tile. If you are just mopping the floor there is a chance you are just pushing the dirt around on your floor and not actually picking the dirt up.

Wet Floor Slipping & Falling Concerns

We have all seen the signs, “caution wet floors”. They put those there for people to know that the floor is or was wet and they don’t want someone slipping and falling. Ceramic or porcelain tile can become very slippery when wet. Different types can become more slippery than others. If you own a business you need to be aware of people slipping after you have just finished cleaning the tile. It could be a liability problem if you are not careful.

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If you have a porcelain or ceramic tile and you need to get it cleaned, a professional knows how to do it the right way. Give Silver State Floor Restoration a call and we will come and help get your ceramic and porcelain tile clean and help you know how to keep it clean yourself.

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