Cleaning Ceramic VS Porcelain Tiles for Kitchen Floors, Bathroom Showers & More in Aliante, NV

Tile can refresh any floor, countertop or wall. Porcelain and ceramic tile provide a classic look and a clean appearance. These tiles are very durable and versatile and with all the options available the possibilities are endless! Porcelain and ceramic tiles are very similar but there are some important differences that make them different. They are both clay-based and are different in how porous they are along with their absorption, durability and cost. There are pros and cons to both. Let’s go over what these are so you can better decide which one will be a better for your home. Depending on which one you go with there are also differences in the way you will care for them, so they can look their best for years to come.

Porcelain Tile Cleaning, Shining & Care Tips

Porcelain tiles are made of clay that is refined along with other natural materials. These tiles are kiln-fired and then they are either left in their natural state or they can be made to look like concrete, wood, stone and other materials. Because these tiles are clay-based they are a subtype of ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles are harder and more durable then ceramic tiles that are non-porous. They can be glazed or unglazed. Glazed tiles are only colored on the top of the tile while unglazed tiles have color running through the entire thickness of the tile. This makes the glazed or full-bodied tiles last longer and they also more resistant to chipping. Because it’s so durable and less porous it has a very low absorption rate which makes it very hard for water to permeate it. So it’s a great choice for bathrooms, laundry rooms and other areas prone to moisture. It can also be a great choice for high traffic areas because it can withstand lots of foot traffic. Two cons are the cost and it can be harder to install, up to 60% more than ceramic and you’ll need to use a wet saw with a diamond blade to get clean cuts. Porcelain tile is hard to damage because it’s so durable. Make sure you sweep and vacuum a couple times a week and use a vinegar and water solution to clean it once a month.

Tips for Ceramic Tile Floor Cleaning & Care

Ceramic tiles are kiln-fired at lower temperatures the porcelain tiles. This makes them softer, more porous and less dense than porcelain tiles. The clay used in ceramic tiles is less refined which makes it more affordable but also less durable. Ceramic tiles are often used for floors in warmer climates. These tiles are great to add natural coolness during the summer months. It’s versatility and affordability make ceramic tile a popular choice for large projects. It will cost quite a bit less than porcelain and it’s easier to install. The soft surface makes it easier to cut with a simple tile-cutter. Ceramic tiles have a durable finish that can be customized in lots of colors and patterns. Because it has a high absorption rate it’s important to clean spills right away. It will need more frequent cleaning than porcelain. Sweep and vacuum as you would with porcelain and use a mild dish detergent and water mixture to clean it more often than you would with porcelain.

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