Cleaning, Disinfecting, Polishing & Sealing Granite Countertops in Las Vegas NV

Granite counter tops are an excellent way to add new life to your kitchen; they come in a variety of colors, patterns and are most durable. Many home owners choose granite when planning a kitchen upgrade or make over. Granite counter tops are excellent for all of the cooking and baking that goes on in the kitchen. If granite counter tops are cleaned and cared for they can retain their new appearance for years. Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with the important steps that are necessary to keep granite counter tops looking their best. Many homeowners treat their granite counter tops the same as their kitchen table or old tile counter tops.

Granite Countertop Sealing Service

One of the most important steps to take in properly caring and maintaining your granite countertops is to have them sealed at least every two years. Sales reps may tell you that your granite counter top has a lifetime or decade warranty, if this is the case; it is in your best interest to still have your granite counter top sealed every two years. Granite is an extremely porous surface, and if it not properly sealed, it will soak in every spill that it encounters, causing discoloration on the surface and possibly permanent stains.

Do not Clean Granite Countertops with Glass Cleaner

Many home owners grab their glass cleaner and spray away on the surface of their granite counter tops. Do not clean your granite counter tops with glass cleaner. Glass cleaners are not recommended for granite because they contain micro waxes that are designed to fill cracks in mirrors and windows. Over time, those waxes will build up on the surface of granite, which will make your granite counter top appear to be dull and attract dirt as well. What most home owners desire for their granite counter tops is a shiny and sheen look. It is not what you put on your granite counter tops that provide a beautiful gloss look, but it is everything that you keep off of your counter tops that will give it its best shine.

Professional Granite Countertop Cleaning, Polishing in Sealing in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

Avoid using any product that does not specifically mention that it is recommended to use on granite surfaces. At the same time, just because a product off the store shelf says that it is safe to use on granite does not mean that over time it won’t slowly begin to have ill long term effects. The best way to keep your granite counter tops clean and looking their best is to contact Silver State Floor Restoration. Our service staff is skilled and experienced in getting granite counter tops back to their original shine and maintaining their shine for years to come.

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