Cleaning Outdoor Stone Patios

Your patio is exposed to the elements on a daily basis and is prone to getting dirty over time. Your patio area needs regular maintenance at least once or twice a year especially once the cooler months are over to check for damage and to clean your patio’s surface. What’s the best way to clean your patio? It will depend on your patio materials. The most common options are –
Natural Stone – Granite, limestone, sandstone and slate are all very popular options for patio material. Stone is a natural material that is extremely hard wearing and comes in a variety of colors. Good quality stone patios can last a lifetime and require very little maintenance. Stone patios require very minimal cleaning such as sweeping and rinsing with a mild soap and water solution.
Concrete – is often a more affordable option although it isn’t as hard wearing as stone. To color concrete a pigment is artificially added and can fade over time. Concrete patios require more cleaning than stone to avoid a build-up of dirt, slime or moss. Use caution when using chemicals on concrete slabs which can damage the color of your patio, use a cleaner recommended for concrete or if in doubt use water and detergent mix.
Clay – Similar to concrete in terms of durability, clay can often be a more desirable option than concrete as the color runs through the entire material and therefore doesn’t fade over time. Clay requires just a couple of cleanings a year depending on the weather. For best results use specialized clay cleaner or a water and detergent mixture.

The specialists at Silver State Floor Restoration recommend the following tips to clean your patio.

1. Clear – Clear your patio area completely of furniture and other items before you start cleaning.
2. Sweep – Sweep the entire surface to remove any loose sand, leaves and gravel. For best results sweep in one direction horizontally, and sweep again vertically. This technique ensures that you will remove dirt that falls in the cracks between natural stone.
3. Weed – If your patio is made of paving slabs you will need to weed between the cracks or use an eco-friendly weed killer to get rid of the weeds without harming plants, wildlife or pets.
4. Cleansers – If you are applying a specialty cleaning solution follow the instructions carefully. Be sure to wear protective clothing, gloves and goggles. It is always preferable to select a cleanser that is eco-friendly and safe for pets. Make sure you cover the patio thoroughly and leave to absorb as long as the manufacture advices.
5. Scrub – You can do this by hand or by pressure washing. Use a hard bristled brush if you plan on scrubbing by hand. If you rent a pressure washer be sure to check the manufacturer instructions to confirm that you are using the right pressure for your patio material.
6. Rinse – Once you have scrubbed, rinse the patio well with clean water using a hose or pressure washer filled with clean water.
7. Dry – Make sure your patio is completely dry before moving furniture back onto it. The best time to clean is during the summer months.

Professional Patio Cleaning

Cleaning your patio can be time consuming and requires some elbow grease but there is another solution to cleaning your patio. Contact the specialists at Silver State Floor Restoration today and ask to speak with a customer service professional to schedule an appointment. Our certified service technicians are highly trained and have extensive experience with every type of natural and man-made stone surface.

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