Cleaning Tile Floors in Anthem, NV; Sweep or Vacuum, Remove Stains from Floor Tiles, Mop, Rinse & More

As you look throughout your home you will see that there are many different types of surfaces in it. Floors, walls, appliances, furniture, and décor all have their own unique set of materials that they are made out of. When you begin cleaning these surfaces you will need to account for each different kind of surface when you decide what the best cleaning method is. Today Silver State Floor Restoration is going to talk about the different things that you will want to know as you clean your tile floors.

Sweep or Vacuum Tile Floors Daily

The first thing that you will want to do on a regular basis is sweep or vacuum your tile. Silver State Floor Restoration recommends that you do this on a daily basis. When you do it everyday it is does not take as long as you think that it does. There are many different tools out there for you to choose from when you complete this step. Select one that works the best for you. Getting rid of the dirt and debris every day is the best way to protect your tile flooring.

Remove Stains from Floor Tiles Right Away

Our second tip we also recommend that you do on a daily basis. When you notice a sticky spot or stain on your tile flooring clean it up right away. It is always easier to get something cleaned up off of your floor when you do it before it settles and dries onto your flooring. Grab a paper towel to clean up wet spills and then follow it up with a wet cloth, wipe, or sponge. Not allowing these stains to sit on your tile for longer will save you tons of time when you go to do your weekly mopping.

Mop Tile Floors

Weekly mopping is the third step in knowing how to take care of your tile flooring properly. You will want to check with the manufacturer for the best cleaning option. Certain tiles will have cleansers that will damage the tile so make sure you are being careful. Many people opt to clean their tile floors with mild soap and warm water just to be safe. When it comes to mopping there are tons of different cleaning tools on the market today. Regular mops have been around for years and work wonderfully. Steam mops are a newer trend that has proven to work very effectively as well. What you use does not matter as much as the fact that you mop consistently. After you are done mopping you will want to see if there is any residue from the cleaning supplies that you used. If there is you will want to clean the soap residue off. Then next time you clean your tile floors you will want to consider using a different cleaning product.

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In addition to all of these tips you will want to have Silver State Floor Restoration come out periodically and professionally clean your tile and grout. We will be able to perform a deeper cleaning with our professional equipment and expertise. Contact us today!

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