Common Ways You are Damaging Your Natural Stone Floors in Summerlin West, NV; Maintenance Neglect & More

Many people are realizing that choosing stone floors is a great option for the floors in your home. There are lots of options when it comes to stone such as marble, limestone, slate and granite. Whatever stone that you choose you want to ensure you have the ability to keep them clean. They need to be cleaned properly in order to keep them looking clean but also to avoid them being damaged. The stone is something that can withstand many issues but not all. Some of the common things that you are doing to your stone floors can be in turn causing damage. It is a good idea to know what you need to avoid. Silver State Floor Restoration outlines what you are doing that is damaging your natural stone floors.

Don’t Drag Furniture on Floor Tiles

One of the things you may not realize you are doing is as simple as moving your furniture around. You might have kitchen chairs, tables and other items that are sitting on the tile directly. You may not think about pulling the chairs out as a normal occurrence but that is something that can end up gauging and scratching the floors. The stone will become damaged from the constant movement and that is not something that can be repaired. It is best to have smooth and soft pads that are taped or glued to the bottom of each leg.

Scrubbing Pads Can Damage Stone Floors

If you are trying to clean a surface you know that you need to get to scrubbing to remove whatever dirt and debris has been left behind. The problem is that if you are using the wrong materials to clean your stone floors it can lead to damage. The type of cloth or pad that you use can be causing damage to your floors. If it is not a soft pad it can start to etch lines into the stone. This is something that if it is mild can sometimes be buffed out but can also lead to permanent damage. Make sure that you are using the right soft cloth when cleaning your stone floors.

Clean Spills on Natural Floors Before Stains Develop

When it comes to spills you want to make sure that you remove whatever liquid or item has been spilled on the floors. Stone is a great surface that can withstand but liquid spills can soak into the pores of the stone and cause the spill to become a stain. The best thing that you can do is to make sure that you clean up any spills that occur on your stone right away. This will keep your stone floors from becoming stained or damaged.

Importance of Sealing Natural Stone

When you have stone floors you want to make sure you know what it takes to care for them. The stone needs to be cleaned, polished to your liking but an important part to not miss is sealing. If you choose to skip sealing your stone floors you are leaving them susceptible to the everyday wear and tear that can end up causing damage to the stone.

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