Dirty Las Vegas Floor Myths – Washed Away in Rhodes Ranch, NV! Sweep or Vacuum Tile Before Mopping & More

One of the biggest jobs in your home is keeping your floors looking nice and clean. If you have kids or pets it can seem like a never ending job to keep the floor cleaned. Kids and pets track dirt and dust through the home and can be the culprit for spills and messes. Tile and stone floors need to have a two part process to make sure they look their best: cleaning and sealing. Here are some tile and stone cleaning myths and the truth behind them!

You Don’t have to Sweep First

This is FALSE! If you decide that you just want to skip the sweeping part you could be stuck with a floor that was even dirtier then what you started with. You might not see the dirt because it can build up in the grout lines. When you go straight to the mop you are spreading around the dirt and grime that has settled in the lines and cracks of the floor.

No Need for Tile and Stone Sealing

WRONG! This is just not true! You may think that as long as you keep the tile and stoned mopped and clean that there is no reason to have it sealed. The sealing will help keep stains and spills from setting in. If you have unsealed tile and especially stone and you have a spill it can set in and start to stain the tile within minutes. Having a sealer on can save you from getting permanent stains.

Let the Water Soak into the Grout for Extraction

NO, NO, NO! This is another false myth. If you have ever had your tile cleaned by a professional they never come in and soak the grout to get it cleaned. When you allow water to set in the grout and even the tile it can start to dull the tile. It has also not been shown that soaking the grout even helps clean it. Do it yourself grout cleaning just takes a lot of elbow grease and hard work. A professional tile cleaner can take care of grout cleaning in much less time.

You Can Clean Stone and Tile with Vinegar

Here is one that is actually TRUE! One of the best ways to clean the tile and the stone in your home is to use a vinegar and water solution for a streak free floor although it may smell like vinegar for a while afterwards. Be sure to rinse well afterwards, extracting as much water as you can. This type of cleaner also allows the tile and stone to last longer and stay looking its best but it can be quite a time consuming chore.

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