Do You Need to Polish Granite Stone in Your Whitney, NV Home? Remove Scratches, Bring Luster Back & More

Granite is a very popular natural stone that is used in many homes and commercial buildings. Granite is most commonly used as flooring and for countertops. As granite stone is widely used, it comes as no surprise that there are a lot of questions on how to care for granite stone. One of the common questions ask about granite stone is, “does granite stone need to be polished”? The answer is yes, granite stone should be polished. However, there is a bit more to it than that. Silver State Floor Restoration would like to go into more detail about polishing your granite stone.

Why Do You Polish Granite?

Granite polishing, also often referred to as granite refinishing or resurfacing, is a process that can help restore the stone’s beauty. Granite is very popular because it is a hard and durable stone. Granite is known to be the best stone for scratch, heat, and stain resistance. Even though granite is a tough stone, eventually it too will develop scratches and stains. When the granite stone begins to look worn, even after a fresh coat of sealer, then you know it is time to have the stone polished.

Process of Granite Polishing

Both scratches and stains can be repaired when you are having the stone polished. When the granite is due to be polished, it is highly recommended that you seek professional assistance and avoid any DIY methods. When hiring a professional, there are three steps they will take to restore the stone’s surface. The first step to polishing the granite is to use a resin bond diamond pad which is focused on the damaged areas of the stone. The first pad is about 400 grit. It is very rough and is designed to remove the damaged surface of the stone. Next, an 800 grit diamond pad is used which helps to smooth down the granite stone. The final pad is taking a very fine grit diamond pad, usually around 3400 grit. This last pad brings the stone to a very smooth and slick texture. The first step in the polishing process is sanding down the surface of the granite. The second step of polishing is when an abrasive compound is used that helps to refine the surface of the granite even more. The entire surface is smoothed with a specialized tool that is made of hog’s hair that forms a pad. This specialized pad is the final step a professional will take to smooth out the stone’s surface. The final step in polishing the granite stone is by applying the stone’s sealer. Sealants are very important to maintain. The sealer will help preserve the stone’s surface. The right sealer will help prevent stains, scratches, and other damages to the granite’s surface.

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When caring for granite stone you will want to make sure your granite is professionally cleaned and resealed. However, there will come a time the granite will need to be polished to remove scratches and stains. When you need your granite stone cleaned, sealed, or it is time for polishing, contact Silver State Floor Restoration today.

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