Does Paint Come Off Tile in Summerlin, NV? Effective Tile & Grout Cleaning to Remove Paint Stains

Because they cannot be removed with simple tile and grout cleaning, accidental paint spills on the tile and grout can be a disaster. Your tile will look ghastly when stains are left on your tile. You need to remove it and its stain when the dried paint means it is already settled on the tiles and grout. To help you remove dry paint and its stains completely, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to offer some tips and advice.

Scrape Paint Off Tile

In order to remove dried paint from the tile and grout surface, use scraper or a butter knife. Be careful not to use too much pressure that you damage the tile or grout.

Use an Acetone Paint Remover

In the acetone paint remover, dampen a clean cloth or an old, clean rag. Since it can break down the particles and make it easier to remove paint and its stain it will work on all types of paints. With the acetone paint remover dampen rag, gently rub the affected areas on the tiles and grout. The stain will begin to fade, and it will be transferred to it from the tiles and grout to the cloth. Until the stain is removed or faded, you can damp it again in the acetone paint remover and continue rubbing.

Effective Tile & Grout Cleaning with Lemon

The stain will be lifted with the acetone paint remover, usually. If the stain persists, follow the steps below.
– Use a thick sliced lemon and placed it on top of the stained area. To cover the complete tile and grout that has a stain, you can use multiple lemon slices.
– Leave it for one or two hours after placing a heavy object on the lemon slices.
– Remove the lemon slices following the 2 hour.
– In the last step of tile and grout cleaning, rinse off the tiles and grout. This should remove any residual paint stains.

Distilled White Vinegar Tile Cleaning

Use these steps for fine results if in the event you still see the need for tile and grout cleaning in the Las Vegas Valley.
– Combine distilled white vinegar and a few drops of essential oil. For effective tile and grout cleaning, heat it up to make it a bit warm solution.
– Moisten a magic eraser into the cleaning solution.
– For two to five minutes, dab the moistened magic eraser on the affected area.
– For 15 minutes, leave the stained area.
– Make sure to rinse off vinegar from the tiles and grout.

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By the end of these steps, the paint should be effectively removed from your tile and grout. Though stains can occur, sealants can significantly minimize the likelihood of them. When you need maintenance cleanings, sealings, or other polishing services in Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas, call in the professionals of Silver State Floor Restoration and let our experts assist you.

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