Does Tile & Grout Need to Be Sealed in MacDonald Ranch, NV? Dry Wet Tiles, Use Rugs in High Traffic Areas & More

No matter your efforts, your expensive or decorative tiles and grout will eventually become dirty and even loose over time and use. Though cleaning your tile regularly helps prolong the fresh, bright clean, there are other steps for care that need to be undertaken. To help you preserve your tile’s appearance and health, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to offer some tips and recommendations.

Dry Wet Tiles

The longer food splatters and beverage spills sit, the harder they are to remove. Always try to leave your shower as in the case of the bathrooms. Simply use water to clear the walls, doors and floor properly. To reduce the humidity of room or bathroom, you can also leave a window open or run a fan.

Use Rugs & Floor Mats in High Traffic Areas

You can prevent wear and tear from foot movement by using mats or rugs. You can include a small floor covering or mat to secure the tiles just inside the entrance if you have tiles in your main entrance. To help the screen splash from soaking into your tile, you can also use floor covering or mats in the kitchen, or in front of the sink. In order to to wipe out the soil and water on the floors, you can also use the rug both inside and outside of your home and workplaces.

Regularly Vacuum/Sweep the Floor

An ideal approach to free loose soil and dust from your floors tile is vacuuming. To help you with keeping soils disposed of before they are ground in your floors by people walking on them, regularly vacuuming is essential. A regular vacuuming is the only solution to keep those pet hair away if you have pets in your house, you would probably know pet hair regularly float on hard surfaces, as well.

Hire Professional Tile Cleaning

The best idea to keep your home or office germs free is by hiring a professional cleaner from time to time. Though they may not be possible to clean with broom or mop, they use special tools and products to get out dirt and grime.

Check Your Grout Sealing

Since grout is porous and permeable, it can easily absorb soil and spills. Acting as a barrier, a good grout sealant can prevent the absorption. To keep liquid from absorbing, a grout sealer forms a protective sheet on your grout. Onto your grout line, you can also apply a clear or color sealant. On the permanent discoloration grout line, the color sealant work amazingly. To enhance the looks of your space, you can choose the grout resealed after every couple of years, if you prefer. If you want to test in between, simply put a small water on grout, if it beads up and sits on the surface, that means your grout is okay.

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