What is Floor Polishing VS Honing a Hard Natural Stone Floor in Aliante, NV? How Do You Hone or Polish?

Natural stone is a beautiful choice for flooring in a home. Some homeowners prefer a matte, flat look from their stone while others prefer a more polished, shining look. Polishing and honing your natural stone flooring are two ways to get your natural stone looking great, however they each end up with a very different result. Often times home owners use these word simultaneously when in actuality they are complete opposite. While both options prove effective in producing a presentable finish, there are major differences in each procedure.

Floor Honing

Honing a natural stone floor’s surface is the process of sanding or taking the stone down to a very basic matte finish. There are many different degrees of honing a natural stone floor. When your natural stone floor first arrives for installation, it is usually “honed” and unscratched. The stones will be ready for polishing, free from defects and crisp looking. If it is a honed look that is desired then it is necessary to use diamond pads to achieve the desired look. Honing requires diamond pads, diamond impregnated pads or a combination of abrasive powders and compounds along with buffing pads and a floor machine. While honing your natural stone floor sounds like a lot of work, the payoff can be very beautiful if it is the natural flat stone look that you desire in your home.

Floor Polishing

The majority of home owners tend to lean more towards the choice of polishing their natural stone floor. The shine of a natural stone floor is accomplished through the polished crystals which bring out the brilliant colors of the stone. The natural grain and variations of the slats are brought to the surface, making a beautiful shine appear. A newly polished natural stone floor makes a home look like a million dollars. Nothing compares to a highly polished natural stone floor. Homes that have a polished stone floor have been proven to show better and sell at a higher value than homes that do not.

Choosing Between Floor Honing and Polishing

While both of these options produce opposite results, they tend to come close in cost. So doing one will not typically save you money over doing the other. The important thing is that you choose what you think will make your home look the best. Natural stone flooring is a big investment to put into your home, so do not ruin your floor by trying these methods on your own. Hiring a professional to hone or polish your natural stone floor is an excellent way to increase your home’s value.

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