Honed VS Polished Marble, Granite or Other Natural Stone Flooring in Sunrise Manor, NV

In time, natural stone flooring such as marble or granite has proven to be a timeless option in all types of properties. Commercial and residential properties alike can truly benefit from the beauty and elegance that these natural stones have to offer. Natural stone flooring comes in a wide variety of color schemes and patterns that may appease all types of personalities. Their ability to endure years upon years of wear and tear while maintaining their natural luxurious characteristics are unmatched by the competition. Whether you are building a new home, remodeling, or selecting the right flooring for your commercial property, natural stone is a superb choice that will stand out against the rest for the years to come. Choosing the perfect color and pattern for your interior design project is an exciting undertaking, but what comes after you’ve chosen the marble or granite of your dreams? The finish! If you’re still deciding which surface finish is right for your property, Silver State Floor Restoration will elaborate on the difference between a honed or polished finish and the pros and cons to both.

Process to Get Honed or Polished Finish

To achieve a honed finish, the natural stone gets ground down using diamond particles or silicon carbide that leaves the surface of the natural stone flat, consistent and velvety smooth with little-to-no shine. This process removes any trace of deep-seated soil or scratches on the stone. A polished finish gets accomplished by polishing with a polishing machine. This process completely transforms the floor to from a matte to a mirror-like high-gloss finish.

Pros & Cons of Honed Natural Stone Floor Finish

Pros – Honed natural stone floors bring a sense of warmth to any home or business. Many people choose this option in high traffic areas because the surface is consistent and ground flat, giving the floor more grip and making it less of a slip-and-fall hazard. This would be a convenient, safe option in homes or businesses that frequently entertain children or elderly who are at risk of falling. Honed natural stone floors are matte so they hide scratches and etch marks well, to the untrained eye one would not notice be able to notice flaws. If you’ve been in search of a flooring option that appears delicate and soft, then this is the right finish for you.
Cons – Honed finishes require frequent re-sealing than polished floors do. The process of grinding down the natural stone leaves the surface more porous that that of a polished finish. So, spills and dirt can become ground into the stone, which means frequent cleaning will be required. Having a non-abrasive pad or soft scrub brush and a natural cleaner will allow you to loosen the contaminants from the flooring without damaging it.

Pros & Cons of a Polished Natural Stone Floor Finish

Pros – Polished natural stone presents a luxurious, rich ambiance that adds sophistication to any home or business. The high-gloss shine of a polished natural stone floor radiates the natural colors and patterns that you find in natural stone. Its shiny, diamond like surface adds a touch of elegance and natural beauty to any space that needs to be shown off. It is especially beautiful in open spaces. Because polishing is a process that seals in your natural stone floors, it is more stain resistant that honed finishes and stands up well to frequent spills.
Cons – Unfortunately the shiny, smooth surface of a polished finish scratches or etches easily. It recommended in lower traffic areas of the home for this reason. We live in a big desert, dust and dirt are everywhere. Dirt or small rocks stuck in the bottom of your shoes can damage your polished finish easily.

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