Honing & Diamond Polishing Stone Floors in Las Vegas NV; Call Silver State Floor Restoration for Professional Natural & Man-made Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing Services

When it comes to installing a floor for your home, one of the most elegant and beautiful options home owners can choose is natural stone. Marble, travertine and other natural stone flooring options can create a sense of grandeur even in the most humble settings. The variety of colors, textures and patterns that are found in natural stone are one of a kind and will add an additional level of attractiveness to any home. Natural stone can transform any room into a masterpiece, whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, entryway, living room or other area.

Stain Removal for Natural Stone Floors

While natural stone is the most elegant floor option for any home, it is also the most difficult to maintain and keep clean. Special care and attention is required to keep natural stone flooring looking its best. Some of the biggest offenders to demaging a natural stone floor include alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, vinegar, tomato products, mustard, soda, salad dressing, coffee, tea, butter and cosmetics. It is a long list of common items that can be found in any home and that are often spilled onto the floor as well. These items can cause serious damage to natural stone flooring and result in a permanent stain if not properly taken care of.

Natural Stone Floor Honing

There are two ways that you can magnify the beauty of your natural stone flooring. The first is to have your natural stone flooring honed by professional floor cleaning company. Las Vegas Floor Restoration are experts when it comes to honing your natural stone flooring. Honing your natural stone flooring will leave it with a satin feel; smooth and velvety to the touch and looking immaculate. The benefits of having your natural stone flooring honed are that it will become more scratch resistant. Natural stone flooring that has been honed by Las Vegas Floor Restoration will leave your home looking beautiful and your floor looking like new.

Natural Stone Diamond Polishing

Another option for your natural stone flooring is to have it polished by Las Vegas Floor Restoration. A diamond polished finish to your natural stone flooring will result in a smooth surface that has a shiny and much glossier look. The polish that coats your natural stone flooring will also act as a type of protection, allowing your floor to withstand spills and accidents much better than it would have before being polished..

If you have natural stone or man-made flooring in your home, contact Las Vegas Floor Restoration today for your next cleaning and sealing appointment in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada to keep it looking new and beautiful.

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