How Can I Make My Grout Look Better in Enterprise, NV? How to Clean Grout & Get White Again!

If the grout in between them is dirty and discolored, your gorgeous tiles simply will not look clean. The condition of your grout is the one difference between clean-looking tiles and disgusting-looking tiles, ultimately. The grout between them always stains easily no matter if the tiles are in the bathroom, kitchen or elsewhere. Unavoidable cooking spills make it easy for unwanted materials to stain your grout whereas soap, mold, and mildew work in tandem to discolor your grout in the bathroom. Today, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to offer an easy method to clean your grout.

How Can I Clean Grout & Get it White Again?

1) Start by Preparing Tile for Cleaning. Using the hot water, target the grout that needs cleaning. Scrub in a circular motion as you follow the grout line using a stiff bristle brush, such as a used toothbrush. This step will eliminate the surface level dirt and grime.
2) Mix the Cleaning Solution. To create a paste, combine together two parts baking soda to one part hydrogen peroxide or vinegar. Use water instead of vinegar because high acidity can stain the tiles themselves if in the event your tiles are coarse like marble. Add a few droplets of dish soap if your tiles come in contact with grease, as they commonly do in the kitchen.
3) The Solution Application. Wait for about 10 to 15 minutes after you spread the paste onto the affected areas of grout. Since it allows the cleaning solution to work its magic and work deep into the grout, this is an important step.
4) Scrub Well. Scrub off any remaining dirt and grime lifted up by the cleaning solution by using your stiff bristle brush to scrub through the grout lines.
5) Rinse. Use hot water to wash away the rest of the grout cleaner after adding a few drops of dish detergent to a cloth or sponge. This step will rinse off the tiles and grout as well.
6) Appreciate Your Effort. Your grout should look restored to as new so take a step back and enjoy a clean grout to accompany your spotless tiles.

Grout Cleaning Products

Be careful when choosing to use a store-bought product believing there is nothing wrong with using commercial grout cleaners or diluted bleach. Some chemicals can be very harsh and will erode your grout with regular use, so be sure you read the product instructions carefully.

What is the Best Way to Keep Grout Clean?

We strongly suggest that you apply a grout sealer if you do not want to worry about dirty grout ever again. To prevent dirt and grime from entering and accumulating, a grout sealer will cover any pores. Wait at least a day to ensure that the grout is completely dry, before applying the grout sealer. If you take this proactive step, you won’t need to worry about discolored grout for a long time.

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Your tiles will look stunning and sparkly without the ugly grout discoloration to worry about. In addition to your own cleaning, call in the professionals of Silver State Floor Restoration for a deep cleaning and sealing services once a year at least.

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