How Can You Tell if Granite is Sealed & How Long Does Natural Stone Sealer Last in Henderson, NV?

Nothing is quite as beautiful as natural stone. It is often chosen for flooring as well as countertops because of its unique beauty. Something that everyone with natural stone in their home should be aware of is the need to have these natural stone surfaces sealed to protect them from damage. Once you have them sealed, it may leave you wondering how to tell if your natural stone needs to be sealed again. Silver State Floor Restoration is here to share some tips that may help you decipher whether or not it’s time to have your natural stone sealed again.

How Can You Tell if Granite is Sealed?

One of the most common natural stones used in homes is granite. This is also a stone that needs to be sealed to keep it protected from moisture as well as harmful materials. Without sealing granite, you may run into etching issues as well as pitting that can leave it damaged. To determine if it’s time to have your granite sealed, you can perform a granite water seal test. Pour some small puddles of water on several spots on your granite surface and let them sit. If you come back 30 minutes later and see that water has absorbed into the stone leaving it dark, you will know that it’s time to have it sealed.

Can Natural Stone Be Over Sealed?

During the water test, if the water evaporates and doesn’t cause any dark staining, you know that your seal is still intact. It is important to note that if you feel it has been a while since sealing your granite and wish to do it anyway, there is no such thing as over sealing your granite. You simply can’t do it too much.

How to Test Other Types of Natural Stone?

If you have limestone or marble flooring or countertops, you can perform the same water test to see what state the seal is in. It is incredibly important that you aren’t using anything other than water to perform this test. There are several cleaners that can cause damage to your natural stone like etching and scratching. These cleaners can also dull the finish and strip the seal as well.

How Can You Tell if Other Natural Stone is Sealed?

The frequency at which you have your natural stone sealed will greatly depend on how you use the space. A kitchen that has natural stone flooring or countertops will have to be sealed more often because of the foot traffic and food prep taking place in that space. Professionals recommend having your natural stone sealed at least once a year to keep it protected.

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If you have natural stone in your home that you are working to keep protected, you will need to have it sealed. Depending on the type of stone, it could be required as often as every six months. At Silver State Floor Restoration, we provide our customers with exceptional natural stone cleaning and sealing services. Call us today!

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