How Do I Get the Most Out of My Tile & Grout Spring Cleaning in Tuscany Village, NV?

With the weather getting warmer many start deep cleaning. An important place to deep clean would be your tile and grout. Your tile and grout can start looking dirty over time, is this really how you want them to look? Silver State Floor Restoration wants to go over a few tile spring cleaning tips.

Why Does My Tile & Grout Always Look Dirty?

Have you ever mopped your tile or even tried scrubbing it and no matter what you do it just looks dirty? When you have ceramic tile it is made from clay and can be very porous. Even though your tile should have a sealant on it, it can start to wear down. When it starts to wear down your tile starts to get dirty. Two main types of surface damage can happen to your tile to make it look dingy and dirty. First is wear and tear, this happens from the dirt and sand that can get down inside the glaze and makes it dirty. The second is if it is physically damaged by something deeply scratching the surface.

How Do I Keep My Tile Floor from Getting Dirty So Fast?

One of the best things you can do to prevent your tile from looking dirty is to use a doormat, rugs, runners, or anything to prevent damage in high-traffic areas. You should also clean it regularly. cleaning the surface of your tiles can help prevent the buildup of dirt that can break down the glaze. Of course, if it is extremely damaged call a professional to come to replace the tiles.

How Can You Tell if Tile is Water Damaged?

Spring cleaning is a time where you look around and get those hard-to-reach places cleaned. This is also a great time to look around for any water damage that could be causing a bigger problem underneath the surface. You may notice you have darker grout lines. Your sealant wears off your grout and tile over time. This means it will no longer protect your grout from water and your grout will start to look darker because of it. You may notice this by your toilets, tubs, or sinks. A few ways you can tell if you have water damage is by putting pressure on the tile and if it feels like it goes up and down it can be damaged. You can also tap on the tile and if it sounds hollow this is also a sign. Both of these can indicate you have rotted plywood. The best thing you can do in this situation is to find the source where the water is coming from. Then reach out to a tile contractor to identify the problem and get it fixed. Then of course you can always call an expert to come to clean your tile and grout once things are fixed.

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It is important that you take care of your tile. If spring cleaning is the best time for you to get a professional tile cleaning, then call the experts at Silver State Floor Restoration this spring and get your tile looking the color it is supposed to be, not black and dingy. Call us today!

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