How Do You Maintain Quartz Counters & Floors to Keep it Clean, Shiny & Looking New in Lone Mountain Village, NV

Used for construction purposes in considerable abundance around the world, Quartz is a crystalline mineral that is found in many varieties of stone. You can see some of its quartz content when the surface has faint yellow streaks in the marble or if its veins have some translucency. Quartz is often confused with quartzite, but this natural stone that has a distinctive look. More often than not, this popular construction material is featured in bathroom and kitchen as quartz countertops. The cleaning and care recommendations of quartz is what we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to discuss today.

How is Quartz Formed?

Being a sandstone with a high content of crystalline minerals, Quartzite is later finished at a masonry shop after it is extracted and cut at quarries. Engineered from crushed natural quartz blended with resins, bonding materials, and pigments are included with Quartz countertops. Because the greater range of colors and the interesting look that results from combining various pieces of crystalline rocks, many homeowners choose quartz counters over quartzite and other types of natural stone.

What is the Best Thing to Clean quartz & Care Countertops & Floors?

Below are a few cleaning and care tips for your quartz countertops in your kitchen or bathrooms.
1) Only Use Specialized Household Cleaners. The bonds between the resins, polymers, and stone pieces used to manufacture quartz slabs can be loosened due to some of the chemicals found in popular cleaning products. The type of cleaners that has been formulated specifically for quartz is the best cleaner for quartz countertops. Be sure to use a stone safe quartz cleaner and polish.
2) Prevent the Use of Sharp Metal Tools. You should not use sharp metal objects for cleaning, though you can safely rest a kitchen knife or a shaving razor on top of quartz counters. Use a plastic knife or scraper to remove any paint or sticky-like substances that cannot be removed.
3) Sealing the Quartz. Quartz counters do not require the use of a granite sealer, unlike natural stone. However, if you frequently clean the surface with quartz cleaner, consider the polished factory finish will last for decades.
4) Never Implement Harsh Scouring Pads While Cleaning Quartz. Stay away from the steel wool pads treated with soap you can find at your local supermarket when you need to scrub the quartz countertops. If you use overly harsh scouring pads, the top finish may become dull or scratched, despite the solid and durable nature of quartz. To remove organic stains that have stuck to the surface in the kitchen, you can use a soft nylon brush.
5) Ensure Warranty Certificate. Quartz counters often come with a manufacturer’s warranty like other engineered construction materials. Under rare circumstances, Quartz slabs are amalgams that can sometimes break away. To ensure a long life for your investment, the warranty certificate will specify some of the maintenance recommendations listed below and follow them.

Other Safe Cleaning Recommendations for Quartz Countertops

As mentioned, you need to use a cleaner that has been specifically formulated for quartz surfaces, including quartz countertops. Cleaners that have adequate pH balance, and doesn’t contain any phosphates or ammonia can be can sprayed safely onto quartz surfaces and gently wiped clean with a cloth or paper towel. The surface can be buffed using a lint-free microfiber cloth after using some ideal cleaners.

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