How Do You Maintain & Revitalize Flagstones in Paradise, NV? Does Flagstone Need to Be Sealed?

Are you adding to your backyard and trying to figure out if flagstone is the right fit for you and your yard? It is a very beautiful stone and would make your yard look amazing. Or maybe you already have flagstone in your yard and are trying to figure out how to take care of it so it lasts for years to come. Whatever your situation is Silver State Floor Restoration wants to help you learn and understand a little bit more about flagstone and what can be done so you have the beautiful yard you have been hoping for.

Does Flagstone Break Easily?

Flagstone may look so gorgeous outside as a patio or by the pool but it can become damaged over time with just being outside. One of the types of damage is called spalling. This is when the stone breaks into small pieces. It is a type of erosion that can happen in natural stone. This can also happen when the stone is over-exposed to water damage. You can also get chipping and cracking on the stone. Because it is a natural stone, it is very prone to staining, mildew growth, and discoloration.

What Causes Flagstone to Crack?

Even though flagstone is beautiful by the pool or as a patio, as stated above it is very susceptible to water. Water can damage flagstone, along with bird poo, UV light, Chlorine, salt water, harsh cleaners, mildew, and oil. For stone that is beautiful outside by the pool, it doesn’t seem to do well with any of the elements that are by the pool or patio area. But you have seen it in these areas and it looks amazing. So, what can you do if you want flagstone outside by your pool or for your patio?

Should I Seal Outdoor Flagstone?

Even though we have talked about how flagstone can be damaged by many things that are outside, we have a solution to help you still get the flagstone for your outside patio or for your pool deck. You need to make sure you seal the natural stone. If you seal your flagstone patio with quality sealant, it can help you avoid any bad damage the outside elements can cause to it. Using a professional like Silver State Floor Restoration to come to seal the stone can help make a waterproof barrier on your stone. This won’t ruin your stone and it will protect your stone. This can also help prevent the stone from becoming discolored or stained. Because this sealant is waterproof you can have it by your pool and it will stay protected from the water, UV light, and chlorine or salt water.

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Don’t let the worry about ruining flagstone turn you away from that beautiful stone. Silver State Floor Restoration can clean and seal it for you so that you can have flagstone on your patio and by your pool without damaging it. Call us to help you have the attractive flagstone finish you are hoping for.

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