How Do You Maintain Travertine Floors in Summerlin North, NV? What Cleaner is Best, Does it Need Sealing & More

Travertine floors can be beautiful floors in your home. Even though they are beautiful they can be a little tricky to take care of. You can’t always do your basic home cleaning or leave things on your floor and come back later. When it comes to travertine floors you have to know how to take care of them to keep them beautiful. Silver State Floor Restoration wants to give you a few tips on how you can keep your floors looking great and the way they are meant to look.

Is Travertine a Real Stone?

Let’s talk a little bit about travertine floors and what they are exactly. So, what is travertine? Travertine is a very porous, natural, and delicate stone. It comes in a large variety of colors such as browns, creams, whites, and beige, some have a red or green tint to them. Because it has such a wide variety of colors it is a really popular stone to put into your home for your kitchen floors or bathrooms.

Do Travertine Floors Need to Be Sealed?

With travertine being such a porous stone you need to make sure that you seal that stone. It is actually highly recommended that you seal your stone. When you seal the stone, it helps reduce the pore size and helps prevent dirt and moisture from getting down into your stone and ruining it. It also helps eliminate major problems when there is a spill on your travertine floor.

What Do You Clean Travertine Stone With?

With travertine stone floors being a delicate stone there are proper ways to do things to make sure that your floor does not become ruined. Just like most houses that are clean you should vacuum, mop, and sweep your floor 3 to 4 times a week. If you have kids or pets you may want to do it more often to be sure that your floor is clean. If your floors get too dirty with dirt and grime, then all of that can go into the pores on your floor and can ruin it. When it comes to cleaning supplies to use on your travertine floors you need to be careful what you use. Some products can ruin your floor and make it dull or discolored. If you spill anything that is acidic on it this can also ruin the floor. Acid products and travertine don’t mix well. They can cause the floor to be stained, etched, or even scratched. If spills happen that are acidic make sure you clean them up right away. And continuing your regular cleaning can help prevent any etching or scratching from happening.

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Following these few tips on your travertine floor can help you keep your floor looking great and not have problems with it. If you have a travertine floor and need help with making it look great again, give Silver State Floor Restoration a call and we can come and help you with your floors!

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