How Do You Protect a Natural Stone Floor from Dirt & Damage in North Las Vegas, NV?

There are lots of people that are choosing to have stone installed at their home. There are lots of stone options from granite, travertine, marble and even slate. The color options are also an aspect that make people use stone in their home. You can choose stone that fits any type of décor and ambiance that you want to portray inside your home. Once you have stone in your house you want to make sure that you have a plan to keep the stone looking its best. There are certain things that you need to do to care for your stone and to clean it properly. You want to be sure that you schedule with a professional to have your stone cleaned, polished and sealed on a regular basis. Then you want to make sure you know what you can do in between professional cleaning to protect your stone. Silver State Floor Restoration outlines what you can do to prevent damage in between professional stone cleaning.

Use Entry Mats to Reduce Dirt in My Home

One of the things you want to be aware of is what you are bringing inside your home. There are lots of areas that are dry and have sand and dirt that are common around your home and where you spend your time. The dirt you are collecting on your shoes throughout your normal routine can then find its way in the house. You might not think this is a big deal and that you can just sweep it up later but this is something that could cause damage. The dirt will act as an abrasive on the stone and can cause scratches and scrapes. The best thing you can do is to reduce the amount of abrasive material that is found on the floor. The way that you can do that is to use mats that are kept clean on the porch and around each door to the house. The mats will knock the sand and dirt off the shoes and then keep it out of the house.

Should You Sweep Hard Floors Every Day?

You want to make sure that you take time to sweep or dust off the floors regularly. They can collect dirt and dust that can be problematic which is why you need to have a way to remove it. You can use a standard broom as long as it is not too hard in the bristles. You can also use a microfiber duster that is softer on the floors. This is a great way to maintain the floors in-between having them cleaned professionally.

Clean Spills on Natural Stone Floors

You also want to make sure that you clean any spills that might occur on the stone. Letting any type of spill stay on the stone can start to eat away at the stone or seep in and create a hard to remove stain. You want to be sure that you never use any harsh cleaners on your stone which can cause some damage to your stone.

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