How Do You Protect Tile & Grout in Green Valley Ranch, NV? Pros of Sealing Tiled Floors

Most people have tiles somewhere in their homes. Whether it is in the bathroom, the kitchen, or outside, you can usually find tile around the home. Many people will go with tile because it is durable, customizable, and clean. Even though tile is all those things, you cannot just get away with surface cleaning it by sweeping and mopping. Your tile needs a sealant. Silver State Floor Restoration offers helpful tips to care for tile and grout.

Grout Sealant

What is a grout and tile sealant? The sealant is a protective layer that goes over the surface of your tile and grout. It will help prevent any stains, spills, or mold growth from getting on your tile. You will apply the sealant over both the tile and grout and this will help protect it.

Is Tile & Grout Sealer Really Needed?

Do you really need a sealant? The answer is yes. The grout sealant will help keep your grout looking nice. You paid money for that tile and grout, so you should want it to stay nice and last a long time. Not only that, grout is very porous so dirt and spills can get down inside it very easily and then stay. When this happens not only does it make it look dark and dirty, but mold will start to grow. Which can start to cause problems with your health. When you seal your tile and grout it can prevent this from happening.

Do Tiled Floors Need Resealing?

Most of the time when your tile is laid especially when it is done by a professional it is sealed at the time of install. But you should probably reseal your tile and grout once a year if it is on the floor. You may be able to go two years on a backsplash or countertop. So how do you know if you need to reseal it? Put some water on the grout, if the water absorbs into the grout then it is time to reseal it. If it starts to bead up and not absorb in the grout, then you are okay for a little while because the sealant is still protecting the grout.

How Do You Seal Tile & Grout Floors?

You can go to your local hardware store and find a sealer and do it yourself. But you need to make sure that you look closely and be careful about what you get because there can be specific tile and grout sealers. Also, you have to clean your tile and grout beforehand. If you do not then you will just trap in the dirt, dust, and mold, which will do you no good. The best thing you can do is hire a professional to come to clean your tile and grout and then seal it.

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It is important that you seal your grout and tile. If not it will not last as long and look bad. If you know that it is time to reseal your tile and grout then give Silver State Floor Restoration a call. We will do the work for you and make sure that it is done correctly leaving your tile looking beautiful and help it last longer.

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