How Do You Remove Pet Stains & Odors from Tile Floors in Rhodes Ranch, NV? Apply Poultice to Tiles

Pets can be so great. They will cuddle with you, go running, play around, and can be your best friend. They are always so excited when you get home. What a great best friend! But there is one downside to having pets in your home. Pets don’t always smell the best and can have accidents on your floor. Probably not one of your most favorite things about your pets. So what can you do so your house doesn’t have a bad pet smell? Silver State Floor Restoration wants to help you know what you can do so your floors and home do not have offensive pet stains and odors.

Why Does Pee Stain & Smell?

A reason why pet urine stains and smells so bad is because it contains acid. When it dries it will turn into an alkaline crystal, which is a higher PH level. When this happens it can absorb odors. If this occurs on natural stone it can result in etching and may require re-polishing if not removed quickly.

How Do You Get Urine Stains & Smells Out of Tile Floors?

It is more of when will your pet have an accident. It happens, even to the best of pets. So when it happens what do you do? First, treat pet accidents right away. Blot with a rag, don’t rub. If you rub it, it can spread the urine further. When you have blotted the urine, treat it with a mix of 1 tsp dish soap in 1 gallon of water. After you have cleaned it, rinse it. If urine is still visible, a poultice may be required.

What is Poultice for Cleaning Tiles?

What is a poultice you might ask? A poultice is a mixture that can be applied to a stain to break it down and draw the stain out from the pores of the stone. Using the poultice can help your stone continue to look nice and clean without a pet stain. The stone poultice ingredients will be different depending on the type of natural stone you have. The best thing to do if you need to use a poultice is to call a professional. Silver State Floor Restoration would be happy to help you and give you expert advice.

How to Remove Pet Urine Odor on Tile

You have removed that stain but what about the odor? You do not want your house to smell like pet urine. The way you do this is by killing the bacteria that is on the floor. Look for products that are used to eliminate pet odors on carpets. Even though it is on your stone these products can be used safely on natural stone as long as they are enzymatic.

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Make your house smell clean without just trying to cover it up with candles and sprays. Taking these steps to clean and eliminate odors can get you one step closer to a fresh-smelling home. If you are worried about ruining your natural stone floor. Silver State Floor Restoration is happy to help you get your floors clean and smelling great again.

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