How Do You Remove Scuff Marks, Clean, Dry, Seal & Maintain Marble Floors in Desert Shores, NV?

If you have chosen marble floors for your home, you couldn’t have picked anything more beautiful. These luxurious floors can add a spa-like feel to any space they are put in. However, even though they scream luxury, they are sensitive and must be cared for properly to avoid damaging them permanently. You have to clean them correctly or you could end up with marble flooring that looks far less luxurious. Silver State Floor Restoration is here to share some cleaning and maintenance tips to protect your marble floor from damage.

Clean Spills on Marble Right Away

If you notice a spill on your marble floor, it is important that you don’t wait to clean it up. Staining can happen when spills are left on marble surfaces for too long. Using a microfiber cloth, carefully clean up the spill right away. Blot it up and avoid spreading it around.

Don’t Allow Wet Marble Floors to Air Dry

While you may have let your other floors air dry after cleaning them, you should avoid doing this with marble. While other flooring can simply allow the water to evaporate, marble will absorb the moisture and any cleaner that was left behind. This can leave your marble flooring permanently discolored. You should always rinse and try marble flooring after using any cleaner on it.

Mild Detergents Cleaning Products are Safe to Use on Marble

You should avoid using anything acidic on marble flooring to avoid any permanent etching. You should only use cleaners that are pH neutral to keep your marble flooring cleaned. While vinegar is a common flooring cleaner, you should never use it to clean marble as it is highly acidic.

Use Felt to Get Scuff Marks Off Marble

If your home is like most, you will get scuffs on your marble flooring from time to time. If this happens, there is a rather easy way to get rid of it, felt. If you can’t remove the scuff marks when you are mopping the floor, you should be able to simply rub them with some felt and they should come up rather easily. You may need to add some mild detergent and water to the felt pad to help you remove it if it isn’t coming up easily.

Always Seal Your Marble

Marble is an extremely porous surface and should always be sealed. When you seal your marble, it keeps the stone from absorbing as many spills and cleaning solutions. This will be a game changer when it comes to keeping your marble free from any discoloration. You should have your marble flooring every 3-5 years to keep it safe from staining.

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If you have marble flooring, it is important to have it professionally cleaned at sealed. At Silver State Floor Restoration, we have the experience and expertise needed to care for your marble flooring without causing any damage. Our sealing services will help protect your marble against possible danger as well. Call us today!

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