How Often Do You Regrout in Inspirada, NV & How to Tell if Grout Lines Needs Replacing

Sometimes, the grout in your home can seem like an insane amount of work. The biggest challenge with grout is cleaning. This porous surface can seem impossible to keep clean at times. There are times that cleaning just won’t be enough and your grout needs to be replaced. One place that grout can cause problems is the bathroom. Silver State Floor Restoration is here to talk about how often you should re-grout your bathroom and why it is even necessary at times.

Purpose of Grout

Grout is an essential part of your tiled surface. Not only does this porous substance help to even out the texture of tiles that are different colors, but it also helps protect the substrate behind it. As the temperature changes and your house automatically settles, the grout helps keep the tile floor flexible. In your bathroom, it is important the grout is free from issues since it helps to keep moisture from making its way to the subfloor; causing all sorts of problems for you. Here is why re-grouting may be necessary at times.

Re-Grouting Due to Tile Flooring Water Damage

When your tile floor is exposed to water often, like in the bathroom, it may not last quite as long as tile flooring in another space. Because this is almost completely unavoidable in a bathroom, you may notice that your grout starts to show signs of damage. If you notice that your grout is cracking, peeling or missing completely, you need to have it repaired or replaced right away. If your grout is compromised in any way, moisture will cause damage to your sub floor.

Grout & Mold Issues

There are several reasons that your grout may look discolored. Food, dyes and other substances can change the appearance of your grout. Sometimes, discoloring can be a sign of mold and mildew growth. If you can’t remove the traces of mold or mildew with cleaning solutions, it may be time to replace the grout. Mold growth can cause health problems for many people as well as compromise the integrity of the grout.

When Re-Grouting Isn’t the Right Choice

Re-grouting should only be done as a last resort. Sometimes, homeowners don’t need to re-grout their flooring and don’t realize. There are times that you can mix up a mold and mildew killing solution that will stop any mold growth. If the mold has penetrated the grout, there is nothing you can do to get rid of it other than replacement.

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If you suspect that your tile floor needs to be re-grouted, the flooring experts at Silver State Floor Restoration can inspect it further and provide you with their diagnosis. We have the right tools and experience needed to replace your grout in the event that it is necessary. We can regrout the same color or a totally new color of your choosing! When you choose us, you know you will get nothing but quality results and friendly customer service. Call us today for more information on our re-grouting services.

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