How to Choose the Right Grout Color & Type for Your Porcelain, Ceramic Tile Flooring in Las Vegas, NV

When you are choosing your tile flooring, grout is often an afterthought. Who knew there were so many options available when it comes to picking out the right grout for your tile flooring? There are several considerations that need to be made before you choose the right grout for your flooring or other tiled surfaces. Silver State Floor Restoration would like to talk about the complexities of choosing the right grout for your home.

Epoxy or Cement Based Grout

Cement grout is the most commonly used grout. It is less expensive than epoxy grout and readily available. Epoxy grout is more expensive than cement grouts, and is more difficult to install. There are some benefits to choosing epoxy grout though. It is a durable option that holds up well to stains and water damage.

Sanded or Non-Sanded Grout

When using cement based grout, sometimes sand is added to help limit the amount of shrinking and cracking that takes place. When your grout joints are less than 1/8-inch-wide, there is no need to add sand. When they are wider than 1/8-inch-wide sand will be necessary to avoid any cracking or shrinking in your grout.

What Color Grout is Best with Beige, Gray or Dark Porcelain, Ceramic Tile

Similar to picking out the right color of paint for your walls, samples of grout colors are available to help you choose the right grout for your flooring. You should take advantage of this and try many grout samples next to your tile choice to ensure you are choosing the one that fits the best with your home. When you are picking the right color you will have many options that are either light or dark. There are benefits to both of them. Dark colored grout is great for hiding dirt and other stains. When you clean with harsh cleaners or cleaners that contain bleach, they are more prone to fading which is not a problem with grouts that are lighter in color. The problem with them is their inability to hide any dirt or other stains. One more thing to think about when picking the color, is what kind of an impact you want your grout to make. When you choose grout that matches the tile you have chosen, the grout will be less noticeable, bringing out the tile design. If you are planning on incorporating unique designs using the layout of your tile, a great way to make the design more pronounced, is through a contrasting grout color. Or you can play it safe and choose a neutral grout color. Greys, tans, and beiges are great options for most tile floors.

Porcelain, Ceramic Tile Floor Cleaning & Sealing in Las Vegas Valley NV, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

When you have a tile floor installed, taking proper care of your flooring is key. Having your tile flooring professionally cleaned and sealed will prolong the life of your tile flooring. Silver State Floor Restoration offers tile and grout cleaning and sealing to keep your tile flooring in the same condition as the day it was installed. Contact us for more information.

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