How to Clean & Care for Natural Stone Tile Floors in Your Peccole Ranch, NV Home

Stone surfaces, from marble to granite, limestone to travertine, enhance the beauty and aesthetics of your home. To keep stone floors looking great, it’s essential that they receive proper care through regular maintenance. This maintenance begins almost immediately after installation. There are a few rules you need to keep in mind when it comes to caring for marble and stone floors.

How to Clean Natural Stone Tile in Bathrooms, Kitchen & Other Rooms

• Rule #1. Water is not good for marble, especially if it’s polished marble. Water is how dust and dirt get into the holes in your stone and grout. It then dries and leads to dark soiling. You will need professional cleaning to restore your floors.
• Rule #2. It is normal for marble floors to have holes. These holes need constant attention and need to be filled with the right fillers.
• Rule #3. Dry dust mops, brooms and vacuums will save you money. Stone floors need to be completely dry after they have been mopped. If solution is left to dry on the surface it will attract dust and dirt into the tiny holes and the grout. If it builds up it can lead to costly services.
• Rule #4. Felt pads are important. Stone is durable but still susceptible to damage. Felt pads protect your floors from scratches when moving furniture and will prevent compacting the holes in your floors.

Stone Floor Inspection

Grout needs to be looked at. Pay special attention to areas around doorways and in walkways. The baseboards should also be caulked to prevent moisture from going under them and creating damage. Repair any areas of damaged grout before you move forward. Check for water absorption. If you find the surface of the floor absorbs water, it will need to be sealed. Once sealed, leave the floors for at least 2 days before proceeding. Inspect the surface of your floors for cracks and loose tiles. When a concrete subfloor cracks it can cause your stone floor to crack. These cracks need to be repaired and will continue to happen with movement.

Daily, Weekly, Biweekly Maintenance of Stone Floors

Dust, dirt and pet dander should be dust mopped daily. Textured stone surfaces should be vacuumed to remove dust and dirt that settles in lower parts of the stone and the grout lines. Spot clean high traffic areas with a neutral stone cleaner and make sure you remove all residues. When you need to mop make sure you use a neutral stone cleaner that has been properly diluted. Only apply enough of the solution so it doesn’t have enough time to dry before you can remove it.

Professional Natural Stone Tile Restoration Biyearly, Yearly or Every Six Months

You should check your stone floors for holes and scratches and take care of them as needed. Make sure the felt pads you’re using with your furniture are intact. Check your floors for water absorbency from time to time to make sure you have adequate protection. Don’t be afraid to contact professionals when you have major spills, scratches and other damage. These professionals are trained in stone refinishing to keep your floors looking beautiful.

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