How to Clean Marble Tile in Bathroom Shower, Floor & More in Sunrise Manor, NV

More and more homeowners are considering marble tile as an option for their bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways. Marble tile can be incorporated into nearly any interior design; known for the refined sophistication and elegant beauty, this upgrade has its benefits. Marble is a natural, soft stone that has unique patterns and colors. It is very durable and resistant to corrosion as well as fire. However, it does have its weakness such as any acidic compounds leads to etching and grit creates scratching. But with its mirror-like finish when polished, marble tile is a remarkable addition for any floor. Unfortunately, few are taught how to properly care for and maintain marble tile in order to preserve the appearance and condition for the duration of its lifespan. We at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to share the basics on how to properly care for your marble tile.

Marble Cleaners, Care & Maintenance

1) Sweep away the dust and debris from marble frequently. As mentioned, grit causes scratches, it is important that the dirt and debris gets cleaned up daily or at the minimum, two days a week. Use your choice of soft bristled broom, dust mop, or vacuum to clear the dust and debris. However, if you opt for the vacuum, make certain the rotator bar is not spinning or invest in a hard surface vacuum to avoid damage. As the dust and dirt collect on the marble surface, not only could you risk the scratches, but the marble will look dull and lifeless.
2) Washing marble floors, spot mop, and wipe spills. When any spills occur, they should be promptly wiped clean, especially if they are acidic in nature. To keep marble tile looking marvelous, keeping the spots clear will help. At the end of the day following the sweeping routine, use a damp cloth to touch up any of the spots that were missed to keep the floor free of spots, residues and potential stains. Once every week or two, the marble tile may need a good wash. Use cleaners specifically designed to wash marble stone tile and follow the directions on the label. There are many DIY home cleaning solutions that call for vinegar but it is crucial you do not allow vinegar to make contact with your marble floor. Vinegar along with acid based cleaner as well as mild soap based cleaners cause damage to marble floors. If you are ever in doubt and do not have any cleaner specific for marble tile, just use nothing more than warm water to wipe down the marble tile.
3) Schedule routine professional marble maintenance. Professional services in conjunction with your own care and maintenance are just as important. Schedule professional deep cleaning for your marble tile to get the deep rooted dirt and debris from the grout. Marble should also be ideally polished and sealed periodically and are often done so following the professional cleaning. The polish restores the shine and sealant act as a barrier to offer the marble more protection from wear.

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