How to Clean & Mineral Oil Soapstone Floors, Fireplace, Countertops & More in Aliante, NV

Soapstone tile is a durable tile that has a unique look and provides wonderful charm to any home. Soapstone tile is easy enough to maintain with the proper methods but it can be damaged if not cleaned and cared for properly and will occasionally need a professional’s touch. For those new to soapstone tile care needs, Silver State Floor Restoration will share the needs of soapstone tile and how to assure its longevity.

How to Clean Soapstone Floors, Fireplace & More

Soapstone tile is easily cleaned and doesn’t require any super fancy cleaning agents. You can mop and clean soapstone tile with slightly soapy water. You will want to rinse the floor with straight water after mopping and it is recommended to dry the floor afterwards. You can sweep or vacuum soapstone tile floors and this should be done often. Depending on the installation methods and design of the floor, soapstone tile also has grout along the edges that may need to be cleaned. Grout can be cleaned with the same soapy water and rinsed cleaned afterwards. Soapstone tile isn’t super porous which means the soapy water will stand on the tile. Therefore, it is important to rinse the soapy residue off of the tile.

Apply Mineral Oil to Soapstone

Soapstone tile isn’t sealed like other natural stone flooring but it does need oiling every few months. When soapstone tile is freshly installed it is recommended to oil the surface every two weeks. However, in post maintenance, soapstone tile should be oiled every two months. You can use mineral oil on soapstone tile. Using small amounts of oil on a soft cloth, rub the oil into the stone using circular motions. The oil helps darken the stone and gives it a richer color. If soapstone tile isn’t oiled, the stone will appear very dull, old, and neglected. The oil helps enrich the stone’s natural color and gives it a cleaner appearance.

Sanding Soapstone Countertops & More

Soapstone tile is prone to scratches and may require scratch repair. Professional tile restoration services can help repair scratches in soapstone tile. Often the scratches are sanded out with a special sandpaper and tools for stone. The site is then polished or buffed before reapplying oil. There are many types of oil used for soapstone tile. However, all help enrich the stone’s color.

Does Soapstone Stain?

Because soapstone tile is non-porous you won’t have to worry about stains, and other substances eroding the stone. This is why soapstone tile doesn’t require a sealer. Basic care for soapstone tile begins with regular cleaning. The stone will require to be oiled to maintain a richer color. When scratches form on the surface the scratches can be recovered by sanding the stone smoothly on the surface.

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Where maintaining soapstone tile may sound easy, it can become stressful work. Seeking professional assistance can help maintain your soapstone’s beauty. Soapstone tile is a great investment to any home and can last for decades with the proper care. If you have soapstone tile in your home and need help maintaining and caring for you tile, contact Silver State Floor Restoration. We provide many services that help natural stone and synthetic tile surfaces. Contact Silver State Floor Restoration and schedule our services today.

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