How to Clean Natural Stone Floors in The Lakes, NV; Ph Balanced Tile Floor Cleaner & More

You want to clean your house with the right methods as well as cleaners to ensure that it looks its best. The cleaning that needs to be done can be difficult and it is always worse when you make it worse. The floors are a big deal and need to be cleaned. There are lots of different flooring options and one of them are natural stone floors. The natural stone floors need to be cared for and taken care of to ensure that they are in good shape. Natural stone floors need to be treated with care and there are ways to do that. If you are not careful with cleaning your floors it can lead to damage. Silver State Floor Restoration outlines what you should and shouldn’t do when you are cleaning your stone floors.

Ph Balanced Tile Floor Cleaner

One problem that people have with cleaning their natural stone floors is that they are not sure what cleaner to use. The fact is that most cleaners that you can get at the store are too high in acid and their ph balance is off. This can cause damage to your stone floors and it can also leave a streaked finish behind as well. You want to make sure that you use a mild dish soap as well as a small amount of water. If you use too much water it can leave water marks on the surface of the stone. Be sure that you use a natural and mild cleaner on your stone floors.

Don’t Use Abrasive Cleaners on Stone Floors

When someone is abrasive they are not fun to be around. Your stone floors are sensitive as well and when something is abrasive it can cause damage. The stone floors have different levels of strength but they all can be damaged when you clean it with the wrong products. If you use a sponge or brush that has an abrasive side it can cause the stone sealant to break down and then the stone can become damaged. The stone floors also should not be cleaned with an abrasive cleaner as well which will act the same.

Double Natural Stone Cleaning Process

You want to make sure that you clean your floors on a regular basis and be sure that you use the right products. The problem that comes is that you clean with a wet process and then leave it to dry on its own. This tends to leave streaks and water stains on the floors. That is why you need a two step process that includes a dry soft towel after you clean. This will give the floors the best look when you are done cleaning them.

Polish Natural Stone Floors

Some people choose to have natural stone floors and then don’t ensure they are cared for. You need to make sure that you have them polished on a regular basis by a professional. The professional can come out and clean the stone and bring it back up to a shine that you want.

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