How to Remove Stubborn Grout Haze from Tiles in Green Valley Ranch, NV; Professional Tile Cleaning & Sealing

There are lots of people that have decided they want to take on home renovations since life has been forced to slow down. More people have been at home and found that their home is something they need to have some upgrades. One area you might have taken on is the flooring in your house. The flooring options are usually carpet or some hard floor such as stone. Stone has become an option in many homes because it is very beautiful as well as versatile. The other reason that more people have chosen to get stone in their house is you can use rugs to create the comfort that you want. The stone installation can be a fun day but you want to know what to look for when there are issues after the fact. One of the issues you may start to notice is that there is grout haze. This is something that you want to take serious and have treated. Silver State Floor Restoration outlines what grout haze is and what you can do about it.

What is Grout Haze

If you have had tile or stone installed in your house you know that they also used grout. The grout is something that is installed in between the tile to secure it in place. The grout is necessary and needs to be used properly. The other aspect is that when the grout has been installed it then needs to be cleaned properly. If it is not, then you might start to see what is called grout haze. The way that you can tell you have grout haze is there is a haze over the actual tile or the stone. The stone will not have the sheen or the shine no matter how much you wipe it with a clean cloth. The haze should not be there and that is why you want to have it treated. Another issue that you might see is called efflorescence and that is a different situation that is not the same as the grout haze and can be treated much easier.

What Causes Grout Haze?

When you have your stone or tile installed, the grout has to be used as well. The grout that is used must be cleaned properly and if even a small layer is left over the grout it can cause some trouble to the stone or tile. When the grout is done the technician will make sure that the stone has been cleaned properly before the grout has had time to settle and dry. When it has not settled yet the way to clean it is with fresh clean water and a sponge. The sponge should be washed out regularly and the stone cleaned to remove the grout.

Grout Haze Remover Tips

If you wait about 30 days then you start to see that there is grout haze you want to make sure that you call out a professional. They can come out and make sure that the stone has been cleaned as well as polished. This will remove the grout haze and give the stone or tile the shine and sheen that you want to see when you have them installed.

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