How to Seal Grout on Tile Floor in Eldorado, NV; Benefits of Cleaning, Sealing & Polishing Tiles

The floors in your home and office is something that needs to be cared for and cleaned properly to ensure they look great and last. The type of floor you have will require particular type of cleaning such as vacuuming when you have carpets and rugs. You also want to ensure you have a way to clean your stone, tile or hardwood as well. When it comes to tile and stone floors there is an extra step when it comes to keeping them clean. The tile is kept in place and secured with a grout line that is installed when the floors are placed. The grout is a second area of the floor that needs to be cleaned and sealed. If you skip over caring for your grout you can end up with stained grout as well as damaged grout that will put your floors at risk. Silver State Floor Restoration outlines what goes into sealing your grout.

Grout Must Be Cleaned

The first thing that you need to make sure is done is that the grout has been cleaned properly. This does not mean that you can mop the floors and the grout is clean. The majority of the time the grout sits lower than the tile and that means that all the dirt, debris and liquid will get on the grout and can be hard to remove. There are specific ways to clean the grout and the best thing you can do is to make sure that a professional comes out and cleans them for you. The grout can be hard to clean if you try to do the job yourself. It is very time consuming and if it is not done right the sealing process will not go over smoothly.

Is it Really Necessary to Seal Grout?

Now that the grout has been cleaned properly the next step can take place. The sealing process is something that has to be done by a professional. You might think that the sealant is just something that coats the top of the grout but that would be false. If you have the grout sealed properly the sealant will actually penetrate the grout and get down in it to create the barrier that is needed. This is why you want to use a professional that knows how to apply the sealant as well as what type is best for your floors.

Remove Excess Tile Sealer

Once the sealant has been applied to the grout it is time to clean up any areas that are not smooth and even. You do not want to leave any sealant that has not soaked into the grout. This will create a look that is uneven and not clear. The removal of all the excess sealant will help to create a proper seal that will then protect the grout as well as the tile or stone as well.

Professional Clean, Seal & Polish

You also want to make sure that you have your stone or tile floors cleaned and polished. Once the grout has had time to dry the floors can look dirty and dingy from the work that was done. That is why the last thing that you want to do is to have them cleaned and polished by a professional.

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